Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sham-ROCK-in Half Marathon

I did it! I did the shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach on Sunday.
I just couldn't sit on the sidelines. Although I have been "banned" from running outside and have the last two weeks aqua jogging behind water aerobics (those instructors sure are crotchety), I was able to squeak out 13.1 miles on the road.
My longest road run was 12 miles. and it wasn't pretty - hence the aqua jogging.

Let me rewind a minute for those who may not know me.
In 2008 I trained for this race. I trained hard.
I wanted to finish sub-2 hours. I wanted it bad.
I was running along feeling great when it hit. That awful feeling you really don't want at a race. Stomach cramps.
At mile 10 I had to hit the trusty ole nasty-ass Port-o-jon.
If you are not a runner...avoid these traveling potties at races. To say they are raunchy would be an understatement.
Needless to say I finish that race in 2:04:06. A time that has stuck with me.

I did one stand alone half marathon last yea,r but it was a fun run, not for time. I couldn't even tell you what my time was. it was at disney. you stop and wait in line and take pictures and simply have fun!

back to sunday. this was my 2nd attempt at breaking 2 hours. training was not up to par due to this chronic injury so I wasn't sure what to expect. I usually run 4 minutes/walk 1 minute. but i decided to run to each water stop then walk 1 minute.
for the first 6-7 miles I was feeling good. hitting around 8:30-8:40 at the mile markers.
then at mile 7 hit the head wind. fatigue started setting in.
at mile 10 I was done.
at mile 12 I was ready to stop. I took a couple extra walk breaks here.
then came the boardwalk. that final half mile.
official finishing time......
I did it! I broke two hours!!!!

there were MANY PRs all around.
IronGreg did the full marathon and finished in 3:10 qualifying him for Boston! Way to go, babe! I'm proud of you!

Lesson learned: don't take the sandwich bag a gu chomps you found in the pantry from last season for a running race. they are un-chewable.

such an Sham-ROCK-ing weekend for everyone! high five.

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Matthew Smith said...

Way to go! That's awesome! You did so well! I'm shooting for sub-2 hours on my half marathon here in a couple weeks. Hopefully I can do as well as you!