Thursday, June 16, 2011

140.6 thoughts

In 10 days I will be competing in my second Ironman - Ironman Coeur d'Alene in CDA, Idaho.
This day I will go for a morning swim for 2.4 miles.
this ride around the town on my bike, Diamond, for 112 miles.
then finish off the day by jogging 26.2 miles.

I don't really have an overall finish time goal. Odd, I know. I felt the same at kinetic. I think about the goals for each split and they total up one way or another at the end of the day.

This time, however, will be long. so long in fact that I come to you, my friends, for 140.6 thoughts to keep me going throughout the day. (Note: I cannot take credit for this grand idea)
the last .6 miles I will be thinking about the finish line.
So my challenge for you, is to actually comment for a change and give 140 things to ponder on June 26th.
Before the race I will list them out...
I look forward to reading your thoughts.


TriGirl Kate O said...

Thought #1: How much wine can I drink between here and Portland?

Thought #2: I am soooo not driving.

SusieQ said...

Thought #3 Can Princess fit in a bike basket? #4 would she stay in it for 112 miles?