Monday, June 20, 2011


I have been getting ART - Active Release Technique by Dr. Rob Green at Active Chiropractic throughout my training due to my chronic compartment syndrome.

You may have read about me bitching whining talking about this condition. It's a total PITA.
I have been dealing with it since 2008. In 2009 I caved and had a compartment release done on my lateral fascial compartment (the outside shin muscle). It left me with a fierce scar. and that muscle will never be as strong as it once was. But I can pick up my foot again when running.

Throughout training for IMCDA, this condition reared it's ugly head. Dagger. the compartment under my soleus (which is under the gastroc) started giving me a helluva time.

This time I decided to tray a new approach. Active Release. It's supposedly has a high success rate. I decided to give it a try. for about a month I went and saw Rob 3x/week for my torture sessions. Although my skin was left with some bruising and the muscles were tender for a day - holy cow - it really does work! I slowly worked my way down to one session a week. today was my last pre-race treatment. And we applied some Kinesio tape with instructions on how to apply pre-race.

My calf is loose and ready to try this running thing.

Thanks, Rob!

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Matthew Smith said...

Alright! I hope everything's fixed and healthy for you to keep going. Go get 'em!