Friday, June 24, 2011

2 days...

In 2 days I will be competing with 2800+ of my closest friends in Ironman CDA.

Our travels were eerily easy. No delays. All luggage made it. Easy drive to our rental home.

woke up to the trees swaying and the waves crashing. thunder. lightening. rain.
luckily this didn't last too long, so we can get in an early morning swim from the beach that the race is on. Our beautiful rental home in on e water with a dock, but we thought it would be nice to actually practice at the actual race site. The water was chilly, but bearable. I had a hard time catching my breath for the first few minutes. I figured out that since I am not able to take my normal deep breaths with this cold and the inability to breathe out of my nose, i have to breathe every other stroke. We practiced some run in and outs and then called it a day. Brrr.
We drove the bike course. The first third of the course is real scenic. only one larger climb on this section. the second third is pretty technical. Some steep descents with sharp curves. (IronGreg rode one particular descent today and wiped out but he is okay. Maybe one day he will learn that you go faster on your wheels)
We rode our bikes on the run course. My legs felt great. Snot-o-rama! I feel bad for anyone riding around me on Sunday.

 another early morning swim. Air temp around 45 this morning. A little different from those 70 degree mornings at home. This time I knew what to do to help my lungs get air. I felt good in the water. Although the waves make sighting difficult.
Did some successful shopping in the expo. and now it's time to relax before an afternoon jog.

I did make a minor run adjustment. I typically have done run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute. With the hills, this didn't work. I learned during my 16 miler that hills and a time method don't work since I have to walk up the hills. I adjustment my plan to be run until I need to walk up a hill. Well, there aren't many hills on the run after all. So timex watch on sale at the Timex tent in Ironman Village and back to running a 4:1 for the marathon.

My calf is taped up with Kinesio tape. I just need to tape up my shin now.

I didn't bring my laptop, so I am borrowing one, so Iw ill try to update again before Sunday.

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Matthew Smith said...

You are going to rock this IM! I'll be doing my first Oly while you're doing your race. I'll think about you for motivation. Good luck!!!!