Monday, February 19, 2007


Saturday morning came...and boy was it early. Starting with a slow 2 miles, a 60 minute spin classs...while adjusting to minor knee pain, then a slow 4 mile run. I felt good. slow but good...then I got to the door of Maramarc and stopped running. In the words of ET, "Owwwwwch". I thought my knee was going to explode right there on the steps. This is going to take time to get better. I need to accept it and push through. There were no tingles - so that's good.

I raced home to get ready for my MRI. I got a MRI was being reschduled due to technical difficulties. Ugh!!! They had me skip TGSB (Tri Girl Star Bucks) for a cancellation?! Argh I say to you! So I headed to the office to help build walls and shelves and such...we added a new ldesign ibrary just for me! Pizza and beer provided. Being the only woman, the guys loved the fact that I was thrilled to use the power drill and other tools. They took pictures of me playing with the tools. That's right. I thought it was worries, I wore my 'workout pearls' for the occasion.

My weekend did end well, though. A day spent on the couch sucked into the Top Chef marathon! I went to high school with one of the contestants, Sam Talbot, so I had been pulling for him...but missed the last few episodes. Thank God they had the whole season on in one gave Jay a chance to get sucked in and catch up! Watching it made us so hungry, we paused it (tivo) and Jay grilled out steaks for lunch. Yummy! Unfortunately, Sam did make it to the final 2. But he was the best in my (and jay's) book!

Now I wait for my MRI....and laying out weather.

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Anonymous said...

Total sadness about the knee...luckily, you are being very proactive. You'll heal - but it's SO hard to be patient!

Susie Q