Friday, February 9, 2007

Making Strides and Taking Setbacks

Throughout the past couple months I have been mainly working on cycling and weights through the (in)famous class at Maramarc. I am really trying to pick up my focus on training and running. I have realized that my endurance is not where I would like for it to be. A year ago I could run for easy over an hour. Not so much anymore. :( Well, last Friday morning I ran for 30 minutes straight! Sounds so measly but since I let my running go I have to accept that and start back at the beginning. I was glad to know that I have made some progress. Then came last night...I went to my TI class and I was telling myself all day to run afterwards. Of course afterwards all I want to do is wash off the chlourine and hope on the sofa! But I didn't (with some added encouragement from Jay) I hopped on the treadmill.....for 45 mintues! I almost felt like I could keep going! I had that inner pride of personal accomplishment. I have so much further to go but now I feel like I have begun to make some strides towards my goal!

Unfortunately with this stride, comes a recurring setback. I was in a car accident in 2001 which did some damage to my knee. The effects were not apparent until 2005 when I started running. After my runs my knee would just lock up. After makign soem trips to see Dr. Zaslav he found that I was creating fluid and it drained down teh back of my knee which caused the lock ups. Sounds gross I know. Well I took some time off and then summer 2006 started back again hoping time was all it needed. Instead I started having a new always happened at about the 2.5 mile mark and my calf and foot would get pins and needles then go numb. I would ignore and finish my runs. Fianlly I decided it was the sneakers - I had switched from mizunos to nikes. So I got myself a new pair of mizunos and that seemed to be the trick! sweet! But last night 37 minutes happened again. Back to Dr. Z I go.

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Diane said...

Thank you! I was jonesing for an update! :_