Thursday, February 22, 2007

Totally Tough

I had quite an adventurous "lunch" break today. I highlight the word lunch because there was no lunch in there. Leftover sub in the fridge to the rescue! Anyways, I headed off to Performance to get a new screw for my clip and a bike rack for my West Creek adventures this weekend! First...I passed Performance...twice. Oops. So i got there and Mr. Personality helping me was just not being helpful. He did give me a new screw...after trying to sell my new pedals altogether! um no. So I left and on my way back to Parham I detoured to Conte's...I did get my bike there after all.

I walk in and tell him what I am looking for. 5 minutes later I own it. The guy was super nice! Thenof course I asked if he would install it. After he told me that was just being lazy and I convinced him it was just being being time efficient and saving myself the hassle. he agreed and installed my bike for free. I mean it does need to be properly installed, right?! I was there for all of 15 minutes! Perfect. My car looks totally tough and rugged - I love it!

From now on, ladies and gents, Conte's it is. for all my...and your...cycling needs! Love them!


TriGirl 40 said...

I think the folks at Conte's are pretty great, too. They are always helpful - and you gotta love the lifetime maintenance warranty.

triathlonmom said...

Awesome. I like Conte's better too, but Performance sometimes has better prices. Marty at Conte's is my favorite.
Can't wait to see your car...i bet the rack has those rubber grommit things that I love for ease of use. Just make sure they are on tight...a couple years ago a Trimom lost her bike on I95...and stopped to pick what was left of it up off the road!

carmen said...

glad you had a good experience after a bad one
it is interesting how we all choose our spots
i have literally walked out of performance when i was considering buying both clipless pedals (and shoes) AND a bike rack for my car
because nobody helped me in the twenty minutes i was there
or even said hello
i havent had the pleasure of a good experience at contes
but im glad you got the stuff you need!

Diane said...

Hey just wondering - how was the MRI Sat? Your fans want to know!