Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

What a day yesterday! I was awakened by my room mate showering me with gifts! A mani/pedi gift certificate from her parents and a really neat sock gel thing (like a parafin wax...but gel in socks). Perfect for after a long day of training! Then I get to work and one of my bosses brought in chik-fil-a minis! Already a great birthday when the chik is involved! While eating my breakfast I get delivered a beautiful tulip arrangement and balloon from my gal pal val! How sweet! I am feeling so special! And of course we have the office birthday lunch at the hibachi restaurant!!

Then comes the afternoon. Knee doctor time. Sigh. Here are the initial results. My right knee is very much still has a "mal aligned patella with minor tendonitis" and that is where the pain is coming from. Since the old brace is too big now i got a new brace and drugs to help with the inflammation and fluid (yummy isn't it!). However, since this was recurring he wasn't too concerned with it but more concerned with the new pain of my calf and foot getting the tingles and going numb. He thinks it is 1 of 2 things: 1. a pinched nerve in my back or 2. compartment syndrome. I am going to have my first MRI this Saturday...might have to leave after cycling. If there is a pinched nerve..well then I don't know what. If not then he wants to begin the compartment syndrome testing. Which Jay just had and seemed to be rather painful! Although I told Dr. Z I didn't like that and would rather not....I guess I have to listen to him.

After getting home from the doctor after 6...I skipped class. Instead I felt a nap was due. Then I had a most fabulous date with Jay aka "my #1 fabulous".

What a 28th!

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Diane said...

Happy birthday to you! Glad to hear most of it was fabulous and hope your injuries end up being minor. We're looking forward to celebrating with you on March 3! (You can compare shopping stories with my daughter...)