Thursday, February 22, 2007

Totally Tough

I had quite an adventurous "lunch" break today. I highlight the word lunch because there was no lunch in there. Leftover sub in the fridge to the rescue! Anyways, I headed off to Performance to get a new screw for my clip and a bike rack for my West Creek adventures this weekend! First...I passed Performance...twice. Oops. So i got there and Mr. Personality helping me was just not being helpful. He did give me a new screw...after trying to sell my new pedals altogether! um no. So I left and on my way back to Parham I detoured to Conte's...I did get my bike there after all.

I walk in and tell him what I am looking for. 5 minutes later I own it. The guy was super nice! Thenof course I asked if he would install it. After he told me that was just being lazy and I convinced him it was just being being time efficient and saving myself the hassle. he agreed and installed my bike for free. I mean it does need to be properly installed, right?! I was there for all of 15 minutes! Perfect. My car looks totally tough and rugged - I love it!

From now on, ladies and gents, Conte's it is. for all my...and your...cycling needs! Love them!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crunch Time? Is it here?

I have realized that....
a. the Shamrock 8k is in 25 days
b. the monument Ave 10k is in 39 days
c. the Duathlon is in 46 days!!!!!!

I have yet to ever ride outside. I am told to expect to fall. Oh no. That would not make for good photos! haha. But seriously, 46 days! that is all of 7 weekends. so if i ride outside every weekend that is only riding outside 7 times before the race. my nervousness has now increased dramatically. the silver bullet has only been ridden outside when i was test riding it. and then i didn't even know how to change the gears on her! my stomach is in knots. i need to get out to west creek...pronto!

who's interested in a nice cold short ride?!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Saturday morning came...and boy was it early. Starting with a slow 2 miles, a 60 minute spin classs...while adjusting to minor knee pain, then a slow 4 mile run. I felt good. slow but good...then I got to the door of Maramarc and stopped running. In the words of ET, "Owwwwwch". I thought my knee was going to explode right there on the steps. This is going to take time to get better. I need to accept it and push through. There were no tingles - so that's good.

I raced home to get ready for my MRI. I got a MRI was being reschduled due to technical difficulties. Ugh!!! They had me skip TGSB (Tri Girl Star Bucks) for a cancellation?! Argh I say to you! So I headed to the office to help build walls and shelves and such...we added a new ldesign ibrary just for me! Pizza and beer provided. Being the only woman, the guys loved the fact that I was thrilled to use the power drill and other tools. They took pictures of me playing with the tools. That's right. I thought it was worries, I wore my 'workout pearls' for the occasion.

My weekend did end well, though. A day spent on the couch sucked into the Top Chef marathon! I went to high school with one of the contestants, Sam Talbot, so I had been pulling for him...but missed the last few episodes. Thank God they had the whole season on in one gave Jay a chance to get sucked in and catch up! Watching it made us so hungry, we paused it (tivo) and Jay grilled out steaks for lunch. Yummy! Unfortunately, Sam did make it to the final 2. But he was the best in my (and jay's) book!

Now I wait for my MRI....and laying out weather.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

What a day yesterday! I was awakened by my room mate showering me with gifts! A mani/pedi gift certificate from her parents and a really neat sock gel thing (like a parafin wax...but gel in socks). Perfect for after a long day of training! Then I get to work and one of my bosses brought in chik-fil-a minis! Already a great birthday when the chik is involved! While eating my breakfast I get delivered a beautiful tulip arrangement and balloon from my gal pal val! How sweet! I am feeling so special! And of course we have the office birthday lunch at the hibachi restaurant!!

Then comes the afternoon. Knee doctor time. Sigh. Here are the initial results. My right knee is very much still has a "mal aligned patella with minor tendonitis" and that is where the pain is coming from. Since the old brace is too big now i got a new brace and drugs to help with the inflammation and fluid (yummy isn't it!). However, since this was recurring he wasn't too concerned with it but more concerned with the new pain of my calf and foot getting the tingles and going numb. He thinks it is 1 of 2 things: 1. a pinched nerve in my back or 2. compartment syndrome. I am going to have my first MRI this Saturday...might have to leave after cycling. If there is a pinched nerve..well then I don't know what. If not then he wants to begin the compartment syndrome testing. Which Jay just had and seemed to be rather painful! Although I told Dr. Z I didn't like that and would rather not....I guess I have to listen to him.

After getting home from the doctor after 6...I skipped class. Instead I felt a nap was due. Then I had a most fabulous date with Jay aka "my #1 fabulous".

What a 28th!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine Birthday to me?!

Wednesday is not only Valentine's Day, but also my birthday. By now, I have usually had a month long countdown. This year...not so much. 28 just isn't very exciting. I am getting closer to 30. sigh.

To make my day exciting (?) I will be going to see Dr. Z. Yes, I am spending my birthday by getting my knee looked at. Ever since the brick on saturday i have been having a constant pain :( I ws so proud at my practice that day! My most intense yet. And I walked away in pain. After spending the weeked on the couch with advil and ice packs (courtesy of the jay), I got my appointment rescheduled for ASAP...and when can they fit me in...on my birthday. Ya know, I jsut realized...I spent my birthday at Advanced Orthopaedic Center last year, too. Then it was seing McDermott for my bi-weekly cast change.

Anyways, I ramble....again. Send happy knee thoughts my way tomorrow. And I will see you all at class!

ps - I am leaving class early to get ready for my hot date!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Making Strides and Taking Setbacks

Throughout the past couple months I have been mainly working on cycling and weights through the (in)famous class at Maramarc. I am really trying to pick up my focus on training and running. I have realized that my endurance is not where I would like for it to be. A year ago I could run for easy over an hour. Not so much anymore. :( Well, last Friday morning I ran for 30 minutes straight! Sounds so measly but since I let my running go I have to accept that and start back at the beginning. I was glad to know that I have made some progress. Then came last night...I went to my TI class and I was telling myself all day to run afterwards. Of course afterwards all I want to do is wash off the chlourine and hope on the sofa! But I didn't (with some added encouragement from Jay) I hopped on the treadmill.....for 45 mintues! I almost felt like I could keep going! I had that inner pride of personal accomplishment. I have so much further to go but now I feel like I have begun to make some strides towards my goal!

Unfortunately with this stride, comes a recurring setback. I was in a car accident in 2001 which did some damage to my knee. The effects were not apparent until 2005 when I started running. After my runs my knee would just lock up. After makign soem trips to see Dr. Zaslav he found that I was creating fluid and it drained down teh back of my knee which caused the lock ups. Sounds gross I know. Well I took some time off and then summer 2006 started back again hoping time was all it needed. Instead I started having a new always happened at about the 2.5 mile mark and my calf and foot would get pins and needles then go numb. I would ignore and finish my runs. Fianlly I decided it was the sneakers - I had switched from mizunos to nikes. So I got myself a new pair of mizunos and that seemed to be the trick! sweet! But last night 37 minutes happened again. Back to Dr. Z I go.