Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm still here.

We survived Vegas and the Halfmax National Championship race.
IronGreg did great as did his friends.
And TG Karen makes it look so easy.

My phone, however, did not survive Vegas. RIP.

A new phone is born.

I survived my 22 mile run this past weekend thanks to TG's Lynnie and Miso. My feet still hurt. I attempted to wear heels to a party afterwards and my feet began to suffer from "Dunlap Disease" usually this occurs when you eat too much and your stomach done laps over your pants. Well my feet were swelling and done lapping over the sides of my oh so cute heels. So I switched to slippers. They looked great with my dress and pearls.

I may have gotten 8 hours of sleep this weekend...combined.

I'm tired.

I'm skipping a track workout tonight so I can hibernate. Slacker? yeah I agree, but I'm cranky so it's in everyone's best interest for me to sleep.

good night.

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