Thursday, October 16, 2008

Variety is the Spice of Life

Richmond sure is full of variety.
Hmm it could be that we have a large arts community,
but I think it's also because we have an amazing (and under rated) active community.

Did you know that the Richmond Tri Club is the 5th largest in the country?

did you know that Richmond has been home to the WORLD Duathlon Championships?

Did you know that Xterra holds there annual East Coast Championships in Richmond?

Pretty rad if you ask me. (yes, i said RAD. hello 1985)

IronGreg started out his multisport life participating in these Xterra triathlons.
Before I joined TRIgirls, I was all geared up to start mountian biking (which hasn't happened yet).
then this year I watched the East Coast championship. the same day Xterra hosts a sport race - like a sprint - and i saw 2 of my TG's kick some serious ass. So in my Veruca Salt* way, I decided that I wanted to do it too!

And so it begins. Trail running. my BFF Neffaramous (her real name is Missy, but I renamed her since we are 'The Missys'). well she and I hit the north bank trail last night for some trail running and next week it's off to the buttermilk trail. There are so many places for us to find trail running adventures. And she reently bought a mountain bike and I am getting one so then we can start incorporating that into our richmond romp. And one of these days IronGreg is in charge of teaching us how to really mountain bike - liek jump logs. he taught my friends (as I watched b/c i don't have a good enough bike) so we're next!

now let's jsut hope I stay in one piece for IMAZ training!

ps - 16 days until IMFL!! go girls. you are so ready! xoxoxo

* for those unfamiliar with the classic known as Charlie and the Chocloate Factory - Varuca Salt is the girl that is a complete spolied brat: "But daddy I want a golden goose egg and I want it now"and then the little oompa loompas sing "what do you get when your kid is a BRAT? Pamapered and spoiled liek a siamese CAT! oompa loompa doopa-dee-doo..."

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Real Deal said...

Love me some Xterra! This year was the first year that I missed out on the race since 2003. Karen wouldn't let me. Something about an Ironman at Lake Placid a month after. ;)

My Xterra truck had been giving me free entry every year, due to Nissan's sponsorship! They know me as the "Orange X guy", since I was the only one at the races with an Orange X. I'll probably actually have to pay next year since Nissan is no longer a sponsor.