Tuesday, October 28, 2008

IMFL: Earning the M-dot

To all my girls (and guy) conquering IMFL this weekend.
Kate O, Shawn, Sharon, Patty, Kate G, Charlotte, (all first timers) and the Sominator (6th of the year!)

I wish you...
... stress free travels on the way to Florida
... the best glass of wine you've ever tasted the night before the race.
... calm waters during the swim with a current that carries you forward (or maybe a dolphin to ride on)
...tail wind on the bike. and no saddle sores. and no funky chafing spots either.
... little engines in your sneakers to keep pushing you forward toward breaking that tape.
... and a finish line moment you'll never forget.

Is this a mastercard blog post or what?!

I look forward to watching you cross that finish line via ironmanlive.com
Sending you hugs!!!


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