Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An 'I' becomes a 'L'. A 'L' becomes an 'I'

As the alarmed went off this morning I was up and ready for swim practice.

I was feeling good working on freestyle. The hips were rotating (although I was stretching my arm out too far forward)

Then came backstroke. In the past I would windmill down the lane and get it done.
Not today.
ProKaren broke it down and I just could not get the timing down! It's backstroke! Sometimes after breaking things apart I jsut can't put them back together. I overthink. Grrr.
So I had to do my drill...
an 'I; becomes a 'L'
a 'L' becomes an 'I'

Fianlyl ProKaren was over us being retarded on our backs.

So she has us do breast stroke.
mmmm. interesteing.
now I have had some friends attempt to teach me this, butI have never had an actual breast stroke lesson. And I can't frog kick and my legs be mirror images.
we do a few laps "making a pizza and cutting it in half"
not bad.
then comes to just frog kicking.
For me this looked more like treading water.
and she wants to complete a 100 IM one day. oh Lord. I hope that day is far off.

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