Monday, November 3, 2008

So Proud

1. My friends became Iron(wo)men this weekend. And damn they looked good doing it.
2. The guy who taught me to swim. no really, he made me swim my first lap ever last year. He finished his 5th ironman...of 2008. (yes, he's crazy and we love him) And he sitll has 1 more to go.
3. Amy finished the NYC Marathon yesterday taking the headwinds...head on (ha! get it?!)
4. Lots of my friends signed up for IMFL09

So... 3 days one of my closest friends who lives in GA is coming to VA for a few days to see me!! 5 days my cousin that I conviced to run her first 10k with me this spring (and then I got sick and couldn't run) she is going to do her first half marathon! 12 days I will begin (and hopefully finish) the Richmond Marathon. And my brother is running it too. and my mom is going to come out and watch, too! 21 days I attempt to sign up for IMAZ09

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