Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Planning

wedding planning is a full time job.
especially for someone like me who is OCD when it comes to organization and likes to be in control.
I am not going to lie - I wish I could be there when the florist is setting up for the reception.
I have made lists galore. I guess that's the PM in me. I have no problem leaning on my wedding party with little things to help me accompish my OCD tasks.
I wish I had hired a wedding planner that could take care of everything for me.
but hell, I would want to tell them what to do, too.

this week's theme seems to be timelines...and it's only Tuesday.
I have worked with my mom and the photographer to come up with the day's schedule for photography.
this then has me coordinate with the band for the reception schedule for dancing and cake cutting, etc.
I took that schedule and coordinated the pick up and drop off times for the trolley that is driving the wedding party around for the day.
I was also able to coordinate with my greeters and guest book attendant on when they need to be where and what they need to bring where.
I already have the schedule of events for the week. yes, week. although guests won't be arriving until Friday - IronGreg and I have things to do on wednesday and thursday. then friday starts the wedding festivities.
I feel good about my itineraries and to-do lists.
now maybe I can catch up on thanks you's - man do I have some awesome friends!

oh - I still have to fill you in on the portrait debacle.
but i will save that one for a rainy day.....

ps - thank you to Monkey and Cakes for the wonderful shower this past weekend. love you.

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Heidi Austin said...

wedding planning is sooo stressful! good luck with all that. try to have some fun tho cuz you only get to do it once ;)