Monday, May 10, 2010


i should have take a picture of my condo this weekend.
this is my only weekend in town before we close on the new house.
and the weekend we close - I am going to be out of town.
I will be in town for one more weekend before the wedding...and that's the weekend before the wedding, so I may be a bit pre-occupied.
so I wanted to take full advantage of this past weekend to pack.
I have SO much stuff crammed into 850SF.
i have taken over the hallway with boxes.
my entry area is filled with peanuts and bubble wrap.

i did manage to squeak out an hour ride on the biek this weekend. not the 2.5 hours scheduld, but good enough for me. i had a hard time ridfing my bike looking arounda t all theboxes to be paceked.
now before you get excited for me - it was pretty slack.
I put my bike on the trainer (it was windy outside haha) in front of my computer.
I spun for about an hour while watching the movie Carolina off Netflix "watch instantly"
oh and my biek was under a fan.
why did I jsut now think of this set-up?

sunday i also squeaked out a mini work out.
i wsa schedule 8 miles.
i did 4.5. and it took me 40 minutes.
i felt like i ran a marathon.
side stitches. walk breaks. i jsut couldn't get my legs moving.
hmm maybe I let myself get tooo out of shape?

also on sunday I had a bike fit. my aerobars have never been right.
and Les figured it all out.
my fit was done by a roadie.
and a road set up on a TT bike doesn't work.
so hoepfully nwo I will be abel to go in aero without feeling like i am raching 5 feet forward.

and he is changing my bar tape to yellow to match my new uniform! i mean i gots to look cute.


Mike Russell said...

Put your workouts on hold and then get out when you can. You shouldn't feel guilty missing or cutting workouts short when you have so much on your plate!

TriGirl Kate O said...

It's all about looking good on the bike!