Friday, May 28, 2010

Keychain Addition

My keychain has a new addition.
Yesterday IronGreg and I closed on our new-to-us family house to call home.

We were forunate to sell IronGreg's house and find a renter to fill mine.
We had our eyes set on this house for a few months and thankfully - it became ours.
the moment we walked in the door we jsut knew we were meant to be in that house.

A tri level built in the fifty's - it's has the personality we were looking for.
We have already found quirks with that personality.
Like...all the outlets are two-prong...
the light switches make no sense.
In the master bedroom the switch for the ceiling fan is in the ok.
It's 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2200 SF.
Hopefully by December it will be 5 bedrooms, 4 baths and 3000 SF.

IronGreg would liek to add wainscotting to the entry below the chair rail. he has installed this before, so that wouldn't be a problem. It needs paint and a new light fixture.

The kitchen was recently updated with granite and stainless and new cabs so that's great.
The only work in here is paint and a pendant over the sink - these people had AWFUL taste in lighting.

The dining room is painted BLACK! who does that?! (if you do, please re-paint)
Paint and a new light fixture. I have renamed the current fixture the "tri-boob". It's so bad. I will take a picture of it as it goes in the TRASH! Although hmm I bet we could sell it on Craigs List.

The bathrooms all need to be updated.
I am focusing on the downstairs bathroom since that is the one that most guests will use.
new tile on floors, walls below chair rail, and in the shower, grasscloth wall covering (love my Wolf-Gordon rep), new sconces, new mirror, and a new pedestal sink.
The hall bath has pink tile. yes, pink. we are embracing the pink, though, and painting the walls grey. Who knows if we will have boys or girls and what the furutre of this bathroom will be, so for now embrace the pink!
the master bath is tiny. it needs a new shower, but for now It's going to get a paint job. I would like to put in a new pedestal sink too. that may or may not happen b/c we also have lots of furniture we want to buy, too.

The utility room has SO much potential. My dream is to finish this room off and have the laundry room of my is this what my life has come to? a nice laundry room? I'm okay with that.
I just ordered Whirlpool Duet 9550 series washer and dryers and I cannot wait for them to come home!
The floor is concrete, so we would like to put cork tiles down.
the waster heater is in here, but IronGreg really wants to go tankless and that woudl give us even more space.
the former owners took the fridge, but we can get a cheap one to replace it.
add in cabinets/counters and I'm a happy girl in my pretty new laundry room.

So aside from the addition work (a new floor, garage doors, etc)...there is still lots to DIY!
Good thing I am a designer and we have lots of handy friends!

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