Friday, January 19, 2007

Brrrr! But Baby it's cold outside (sung)

I am going to miss this Saturday's brick because I will be at camp. No worries, I brought my warmest running gear in hopes that my cold body will awake early on Saturday morning and I can hit the gravel paths for a little jog. I will be looking forward to getting on the nice warm treadmill on Sunday night. So, Ladies, I expect you to: a. work out extra hard in my honor/absence and b. get a post-brick nonfat green tea latte and send the warm thoughts i nmy direction!

Don't you worry, though. This weekend of camping is not all for fun. Although it is oodles of fun. I mean if it were fun do you think I would go in January!!! (at least there won't be any snakes in the cabins this time). I will be at Comfort Zone Camp - a bereavement camp for children 7-17 that have experienced a significant loss whether it be a parent, sibling, or caregiver. I know that sounds just awful, but it's an amazing experience and I try to volunteer about 4-5 weekends a year. Being that I experienced a loss growing up it is nice to be able to give the kids someone to relate to. Camp is a weekend filled with silly games, camp food (and all effects there of...keep the tums packed)laughter...and tears. So many of the kids come to camp frightened and feeling alone and leave as a cheerful kid ready to get back to laughing and feeling a sense of happiness - sometimes a feeling they have not felt since their loss.

This weekend I am paired with an 8 year old girl who lost her mother in a homicide when she was 7. After talking to her on the phone last night and reading her bio I know I have my "work" cut out for me this weekend. It makes me so thankful for my friend and family. I have to remember that the staff of CZC has faith in me and feels that I am able to make a difference in this girls life. Okay enough sappiness. The good thing about having one of the younger kids (which i usually have a 6-7 yr old) is that we are usually assigned to one of the cabins with....indoor plumbing!!! no hiking through the woods to get to the shower!! woo hoo!

So as you all push your way through the brick on Saturday rememeber to send "yummy" warm thoughts my way!
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carmen said...

we will miss you tomorrow
but i will give you
an excused absence
since it is such a worthy cause

will definitely consume something
in your honor
at starbucks

Anonymous said...

Trigirl M -
Wow - what a generous and kind thing to do. You really do rock. We'll miss you-

Susie Q

triathlonmom said...

You make us proud Melissa.