Sunday, January 14, 2007

A new meaning of Jello

Saturday was the weekly brick workout. This week we ran a timed mile then (2) 1/2 mile splits - all this was new to me. But, I admit I am proud of my results. I had my fastest mile time ever!! yay!!! (althought i would like to still improve more) I had one of my fellow TRIgirls to run with and she as a great support and I thank her for the extra push to go a bit faster. I enjoyed running with the group.
Mile: 9:05
1st split: 4:24
2nd split: 4:33

After we ran - we had a 90 minute ride. This wasn't so bad - mainly just a steady ride with a few "hills".

Then...time to walk down the stairs to leave. Jello. Yup, Jello. That is the perfect word to describe the way my legs were feeling. So go to the grocery store and when you pass the Jello - you can think of a morning at Maramarc.

I look forward to my next Saturday brick - January 28th (missing a week to be volunteer at camp)

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TriGirl 40 said...

Great blog! That jello feeling is something, isn't it!