Monday, January 29, 2007

Saturday Schmaturday

I have missed yet another Saturday brick! I promise I will start to show my face at more of these. To be honest, I missed some at first out of intimidation. I was the new person that knew nothing and here are people training for coerhe de what! I can't even spell it! And I went to a class and couldn't get my trainer right and was just embarassed. Ho hum.

Then I missed for camp...then this past weekend I was on my "deathbed". And this weekend I will be at Snowshoe for the Jose Cuervo games of winter. This is an actual event put on annually by the mountain - not a game of debauchery I made up. There are races and silly games all for....shots of cuervo. I am nto one for drinking and skiing - I have enough problems on moguls sober! This year I will not come home in any sort of cast.

After this weekend - I think I will actually be in town for at least a few weekends in a row! I really want to improve and participate on Saturdays....time to get down to biz.


carmen said...

i fell off my bike
while it was on the trainer
the second class
right into a veteran ironman
love bob!

Anonymous said...

And it took me about six months to figure out how to pronounce the "Coeur de what?" Ironman....I still forget sometimes...

Susie Q

triathlonmom said...

you are doing great. and don't forget as of feb 15th you'll no longer be the newby...there will be 25 or so TRIgirls newer than you!