Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tri-ing, too!

What an honor to be invited to post on here! ;-)

I, too, am inching toward my first triathlon. INCHING! This process is literally painful. My slack rear had not been running regularly for months, so Jan. 2, I decided to see how fast I could run one mile. The time almost made me cry. Nine minutes and thirty seconds. I know, I know. You might be thinking that's not too shabby. Well, I used to run miles in under seven minutes. And thus, driven by sheer competitiveness with myself, I decided to tri.

March 25 is my first super sprint tri in St. Pete. I have yet to purchase a bike, but have been dilligently going to cycling classes at the gym so I can get used to the feel of being on a bike, changing gears, etc. I am eagerly awaiting the pool at the gym to open so I can dive and begin the swimming part of my training. I, too, have been doing my brick workouts on Saturday. My first one was a week ago last Saturday, and I agree with Miss Melissa.... JELLO! My roommate, Elizabeth, thought I was going to fall down my condo steps. I lost all quadracept functionality!

I am proud to report that since the first brick, things have gotten MUCH better. My first 5k is Februray 17, and my goal is to run it in 24:30. I have come to love chicken and rice, and luckily if I don't feel like fixing it, there is a sweet new restaurant around the corner called Chicken Kitchen. They are a Florida chain right now, but they are owned by the same group who runs Moe's. Over 10 of their entrees are certified healthy by the American Heart Association. I never deviate from the bowl full of flame broiled chicken, white rice, and a healthy amount of teryaki glaze. It's a bowl full of runner-fueled joy! Keep an eye out for them in Richmond!

So goes my training. Running four times a week, cycling three, and brick workouts on Saturdays (and I throw in a kickboxing class for a little stress relief). I'll try to post in here once a week. We can do this, and do it well!!!!!

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Melissa said...

yay Lora we can do this!!! and how random that we both decided to tri at the same time without talking to other one first! go us.