Thursday, January 11, 2007

Where do I begin?!

So I am a little late in starting this journal of my's a recap...

Where do I begin? This is the question I had asked myself over and over. I started running when I began the quitting smoking process (over a year now!!!) I started with the Monument 10k 2005 and kept on going. This year I finished my first half marathon in Virginia Beach. I knew I wanted to get more involved in being active, but how?! I watch my brother do marathons and 70.3's and well..I want to do them, too! I am not sure how to get involved, though. I was doing as many 5k's and 10k's I could.

I was planning on starting with the Virginia Beach Duathlon in April 2006 - an incident at Snowshoe last year left my arm in a cycling for me. So I was thinking I would attempt for it again in 2007...pending no injuries. Then I participated in the Innsbrook 5k benefiting Comfort Zone Camp. In my race packet was a brochure about an organization...TRIgirl Training. I check out the website and am interested...but I don't act. I stash the thought into my archives. In the meantime I had met Jay, who is also a triathlete! I tell him about the little brochure I received and he is familiar with the TRIgirl program so I go back to the thought. I talk to Grandison, the Queen TRIgirl, and I am sold. I join the Pink Power and become a Pink Lady!

The TRIgirl program doesn't start until March and here it is November and I am ready to get started. Thigns get better - there is a winter training at Maramarc Fitness: weight training and cycling. I'm in - get in shape girl! (I loved those toys!)

Step One: Getting the bike...
How much are these things?! How do I change gears?! and for God's sake - Where's the kickstand?!
This was an interesting adventure not only in the search of a bike but the first challenge to begin my training. Jay and I went on many trips to Conte's, Rowlett's, and Performance which had me frustrated. I had purchased tubes, helmet, shoes, tire stuff...but no bike (we'll talk about the shorts later) I was test riding lots of bikes and just not sure what I was "feeling" for. The last trip to Conte's I re-test rode a Specialized Allez - I rode down the street with Jay beside me cruisin' in the bike he chose to "test" - a beach cruiser. As I laughed at him down the street and my eyes tearing from the cold breeze - I was sold! The Silver Bullet was born.

Unfortunately this same night - I was forced to do it; I was no longer allowed to use the "next time" excuse. I had to try on those awful looking tight shorts...and even bought 2 pairs. and no - they are not more comfortable than they look but yes, they are better to cycle in than running shorts (my solution to tight clothing)

Step Two: Class begins...
What do I wear?! What do I bring?! What am I getting myself into?!
The night before class Jay sets Silver Bullet up on his trainer and explains things to changing gears. I spin for only about 20 minutes so I don't tire my newly used muscles out.
Monday night I go to class. There are girls working out around the gym. I am lost. Mark, the training guru, clearly sees my look of shock and explains the ropes to me. I learn to go around and do the exercises from the clipboard. Overwhelmed. Then time for cycling. Set up my bike in a trainer and I'm off.

The next day I do not think my body works. Man I am feeling wimpy. I get the hang of things then realize that I am the weak one in class...and I am one of the younger people - I should young and fit. um no. As the first month passes I increase my weight and comfort on the bike. I learn that my new friends and fellow trainers are training not for the Powersprint like me, but for the Eagleman (70.3) and the Florida Ironman. Ok - they can lift more weight than me.

So here I am. 5 weeks into my training and I am addicted. I am eager to move forward and to eventually see that finish line!

Next Step: Swimming.
You mean I can't wear my bikini with the fake diamonds?!


jones said...

good for you dude! that's freakin' awesome. i so need to get back into being active.

triathlonmom said...

Great job Melissa. You've come such a long way. I'm so impressed you started early. You'll have a jump on the season and be doing Eagleman next year.

Grandison said...

I enjoyed getting the re-cap. Thanks for sharing!!!

carmen said...

great to meet you today
i just started running in 2004
and am still trying to
the occasional cigarette

i look forward to many workouts
and cups of trigirl coffee


carmen said...

fabulous abs!!!