Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Call me Alexander

One of my favorite books growing up was "Alexander and the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day". Today, call me Alexander.

I just returned from my visit with Dr. Teresa Stadler. I have been looking forward to this day. Stitches out and I can get back in action after being out for 11 days!!! Finally!!! Bring on Charlottesville Olympic distance! Unfortunately, things did not work out as planned. I waited longer than the suggested 7-10 days for removal...I waited 11! But noooo. After taking out the sutures, Teresa saw that the would is still wide open. She put on two layers of steri-strips in hopes to close it back up.

So what does this mean?
no swimming...
no running...
maybe no charlottesville :'(

1 comment:

Renae said...

Poor, sweet Fave... whatever will we do with you (and diane). Sucks about your foot, sending good vibes your way in hopes that you can do C'ville.