Monday, July 9, 2007

Heat Acclimation

Weekend Brick:
28 mile ride
10 mile run

Initial thoughts:
Holy shit! I haven't run 10 miles in a year!

Plan of attack:
meet JR and MS at 8:00am - do two laps of the Shady Grove course and add a little for the additional 4 miles. then run 10 miles all by myself :( from pre-determined route.
sounds good, right?

Actual brick:
meet JR at 8:00. MS joins us at 8:30 and we are off. feeling good. taking it nice and easy per the schedule averaging around a 14mph pace. then tragedy strikes. MS ends up with a bloody knee. luckily next to a gas station so we can buy some water to clean it off and to refill the now empty water bottle. ok back on track. JR and I continue for lap two. pace of about 19mph. then take the last 4 miels real easy just toodling through the neighborhoods.
this is still sounding good, right?
Then time to start running. Well, that predetermined route didn't get made. So I figure if i average 10min miles then i will jsut run for 1hr. 40 mins and it shoudl be close enough. but watch. d'oh! it's in my pool bag still. o ki will jsut run and check the time when i get back to my car. i'm going. this isn't so bad. keep going. dude where's the shade aorund here? keep going. hmmm i wish i had a fuel belt right about now. ok this sucks. turn around. i get back to the car and my face is the color of a maraschino cherry. not quite the look i am going for these days. good thing i stopped! that 90+degree heat and no hydration. big mistake. i drive my route to see how "far" i made it. let me re-phrase, how "short" i went. yes less than 4 miles. not quite 10. stinker! we live and learn.

notes to self:
1. run with soemone. running distance alone is plain boring. you can only do so much soul searching before you start overanalyzing life.
2. have predetermined route and use it.
3. wear watch
4. get fuel belt!!!!!


triathlonmom said...

you are really funny! try planting some water bottles at least. I'm still not a fuel belt convert. Plus I liked Cyndi's idea of parking in the middle or W. Creek and always having water nearby.

Good for you for running at alll...and for listening to your body! I hope you took a swim to cool off.

TriGirl 40 said...

Hydration is so key - I've really learned that this year. Whether you drop bottles around to keep a supply at "stops" or go for the fuel belt. The fuel belt is not my favorite - but I've found it to be useful for when it is hot and you're not sure when you might really need water/sports drink.