Monday, July 23, 2007

What a day

Yesterday was the 3 Sports Triathlon presented by 3 Sports, produced by the Richmond Tri Club. This was my first time being a part of the Race Team and it was awesome! I have to give a shout out to erin, jenn, joy, jay - man those people have this down pat.

Packet stuffing went smooth.
the packet pick up, too.
Race day couldn't have been better,
from the people to the weather!
(haha i jsut made that up without trying to rhyme haha)

I saw so many of my friends and team members make amazing PR's and Renae finished her first triathlete - all her hard work and dedication brought tears.

Of course, in TG style, we had to have a post race party. a backyard pool, grillmaster Brian, wine, margaritas and beer galore. Oh and the meatballs and nachos hit the spot! Thanks to Cathy for her house. I love us.


I have accomplished bieng nicknamed "Jackie O" and "Pearly". Classic.

Photo courtesy of JRoRo


Jennifer said...

My vote is for Jackie O :-) And do tell who took that picture - it is simply brillant work! Hahaha

Jennifer said...

P.S. Thanks for all your help with this race. We could not have put this on with out all your hard work!

Diane said...

You did a great job and looked mahvelous doing it, dahling!

carmen said...

what a day
trigirls from five am
til after dark

tryingtotri said...

Thanks for helping put together the race, you all did awesome!and we had fun! Oh I vote for Jacie O. too!