Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm ba-ack!

YAY!!!! I'm back into training...kind of.

Last night I went for my first ride with the stitches. A short 10 miler at a pace which will not be disclosed. and it wasn't too terribly painful! besides the constant clipping out (which is done with the bad foot) and the bumpy road vibrations it was a success...the stitches are still in tact. i could tell a difference - i got tired early on, but hey - at least i was able to get out there.

Glad to be at least riding. Here's hoping Saturday morning's 28-30 miler goes even better!

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JRo said...

Hey Jackie O - it was great to work with you this weekend at packet stuffing, pick-up, and race day. It was alot of fun :-)