Sunday, July 15, 2007

Run By Beering

What a weekend! I am off to Raleigh for one of my dear friend's weddings! I was honored to be her bridesmaid. We were friends from Meredith College and she was getting married at the chapel there - lots of memories made and remembered.
Friday afternoon we had a lovely Bridesmaids Luncheon. Joette surprised us with custom made jewelry, photo albums with pictures past and present, flip flops and tanks to wear when getting our nails done and preparing for the wedding.
Bridesmaid Luncheon

Friday evening the festivities kicked off - the rehearsal and dinner. This was nice - great location and yummy eats. Afterwards about 50 people headed to the hotel courtyard, bride and parents included for continued socializing. Then...the weekend took a turn. I became the victim of what I have termed a "Run-By Beering. Another wedding guest was tossing her empty beer bottle into the trashcan and missed. It came crashing to the ground and shattered all around the courtyard/pool deck. When all of a sudden we realized, there was a pool of blood around my foot! A shard of glass flew far enough to graze the side o fmy foot. But how bad can it be, right?! My fight or flight instincts kicked in as I made Joette (the bride) go away because she was getting upset by all the blood, I had people get me paper towels (no tissues) and we elevated it to try to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately I was creating a pool under my foot with paper towels on my foot and another guest who happened to be a doctor said the need stitches. People got my things together and carried me to the car and off I went.

the cut stitches

Pete and Craig

I chatted with another guy in there that was also the victim of a Run-By Beering - his accident involved a pint glass. There was also a self inflicted accidental gun shot would of which they did not believe and the doctors were filing a report...all kinds of craziness going on! (makes my 4 stitches seem so minor) But of course the doctors, Pete and Craig, loved me! So glad I could make their night. Natalia (another bridesmaid) was kind enough to take pictures of the's like a slideshow "how-to" for stitches. classic.

But I made it down the aisle and even triaed to hobble around the dance floor - which more involved standing in place with my friends dancing around me.

The moral of the story - never ask me to be a bridesmaid. I fractured an elbow after a rehearsal dinner a few years ago (but didn't go to the ER until AFTER I walked down the aisle) and now I ended up with stitches after another rehearsal dinner. I am a maid of honor in october nadhave already warned the bride that I will be going straight to bed after the dinner...but will i roll out of bed and break my nose and end up with two black eyes?!

Now for the really bad swimming or running for 10 days :( WHAT?!?!?! Yes, I let the doctors know this was not an option for me and they beter tell me otherwise but they refused to change their minds on the decision. I can weight train and in a few days try to ride a short ride (yes i tried to tell them i cold do more of this too). Sigh. But - I can propbably still do Charlottesville, and this defintiely will not impact Patriot's!

See you girls soon.


jones said...

whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger!! we missed you at the pool tonight!

TriGirl 40 said...

Yikes! Your poor foot! I am so sorry about the run by beering. Hope you heal quickly!

Cyndi said...

AHHHH!!! God, people who don't know how to handle their beer are SOOO dangerous!!!! :D

No, really, I hope you're doing alright. That's got to be a bummer. I'm suffering from a little tendonitis right now and it's totally depressing me -- I can't imagine if some wacko (meaning medically trained "doctor") told me some nonsense (I think they call it a "diagnosis") that meant I couldn't train (by that I mean "exist"!!). I'm soooo sorry!!! Luckily, you're strong as hell so you'll be back out there kicking butt in no time. Take care of yourself!!!