Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Everything Happens for a Reason

Just a little while ago, I had to run to Michael’s to grab something for a presentation tomorrow. On my way I went out of habit and hopped on 95 South – oops! Fortunately it is easy to loop around back to where Michael’s is located. Then afterwards, I took the correct way home. On the street Michael’s is on coming from the direction I would have been coming was a large accident blocking all but one lane of the 6 lane highway. An 18-wheeler ran into a mini-suv…the white sheet was there. It upset me to see this (and of course they had me stop right next to the car which made me get upset). If I did go the right way to Michael’s in the first place…who knows. Everything happens for a reason. Keep in your thoughts the person in that car and their family.

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