Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Going For It

After getting upset about the idea of not conquering the marathon I know I have to try for it. I just have to try. Or else I will always wonder and regret. I know I need to be kind to my knee so it works down the road, too! (haha literally i guess). So I am training via the elliptical. I know this sounds exciting, but try to nto be too jealous.

This morning was scheduled an 8 mile run. so let's say I ran a marathon pace of 10:00/miles (reality with this knee will be slower) - but just for trainign purposes. so 8 miles=80 minutes. That's how long I ellipticallize (my new word...like jazzercise). but heck - if i am doing 80 minutes may as well round it up to the even 90 minutes. So I get to the gym at 5:30 this morning. Man it was dark out there. The view out the windows is the pool. I watched the sun ride over the pool - not too bad considering i was sweating on a stationary machine for long enough to drive one bonkers. Unfortunately, I was a little too late in getting started and that work thing made me get off the machine at 85 minutes - one episode of Full House, lots of mtv videos and some news in there too. Thank God each machine has its own tv. Who knew MTV still played videos!

I will be back Thursday for continued ellipicallizing sessions.

The question is - saturday's long run...do i spend hours on the machine?! or do i sweat it out outside?! can i make that a poll...

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