Friday, September 21, 2007


Last night was scheduled to do my last hard ride before Naylor's - my first olympic and last triahtlon of my first season! 15 miles hard and fast. (well actually this is saturday's workout, but i will be at ocean isle for a bachelorette, so i went ahead and did it ahead of time). since I was doing the workout earlier than scheduled, my girls were riding according to schedule...but! lucky for me, greg is on recovery week! Sweet! And well my fast pace is slower than his recovery pace anyways.

I knew I wanted to ride some hills in preperation of the Naylor's course and hills is what I got. the first few miles wan't so bad. kept a really good pace (for me). then we made the turn and the hills began. immediately the quads were burning! (does everyone else's burn early on, too?) i slowed down a bit. greg was pushing me to go harder. finally we hit the turnaround. let's do the hills all over again. this time we were picking up the pace. 30 seconds hard above 19 then a minute rest. i actually really enjoyed this (shhh). until we hit the intervals...going uphill. it's hard to go from recovery to hard in the middle of an uphill but i know it will only make me a stronger cyclist. the last few miles he switched it up to 30 on 30 off and faster. next thing i knew we were back at the car! A good workout (ok maybe i could have kept going). Overall the pace averaged 16.7 - sigh.

and boo on snells! she ditched the ride thinking we were going to be cutesy on the bike...heck no, sister! this is bisnass.


Jennifer said...

No sighing Fave - 16.5 or so mph is good! Remember - you were riding hills!

Anonymous said...

great job, buddy!
i miss you on our wednesday night swim time. come back!!!


TriGirl 40 said...

Awesome job! Where did you end up riding the hills?

Tea said...

Last race of the season,that's always a hard time for me. I like the mental break, but I miss the challenge of races during the offseason.

btw-you have some awesome race pictures.