Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gearing Up

So I have been a stranger to my blog this week. And what an important week it is. My first real taper week. the tapering of training. the stomach knots and nausea of nerves. the increased carbohydrate and water intake. Sigh...where do I begin.

After a weekend in my college town of Raleigh. back with my old friends at the opening NC State football game. tailgate - burgers, chips and dip, and ...water?! but but but that beer looks soooo thirst quenching. what?! no airplane bottles for me?! i don't now how i feel about this hydration preperation.
Sunday - a trigirl swim practice. I sat on the side of the pool for a moment having some moments with TG MW as we head into our first 70.3. (wow 70.3 miles straight!)
Monday - rest. what?! no masters! ok ok twist my arm.
Tuesday - 4 mile negative split - for me that means 45 minutes ont he treadmill watching mtv's the hills. followed by pizza which topping si got to choose while viewing jeopardy and singing bee - perfect night.
Wednesday - bike fit with no adjustments to be made until after the race.
Thursday - morning spin with snells (oops i think i got us lost). evening open water swim. then dinner at edo's squid with greg and friends for some carbo loading goodness to be immediately followed by a food-induced coma.
Friday - rest. pack the bags. go over nutrition and hydration routine (thank you greg for your wisodm on this subject i am compeltely lost at)
Saturday - wake up before the rooster crows and head off to jamestown settlement. pick up my packet and get set up. (once again thank you to greg for the chauffeur service). go for a long 70.3 mile workout with 400 of my closest friends. then go into exercise induced coma.
Sunday - wake up and head back to the 'burg to cheer on my pinkies rocking the lady patriot - ooh ah ooh ah.

I look forward to sharing with you stories of "racing" (remember i am not racing this one due to injury), stories of triumphs and tribulations, stories of laughter, tears and bubbly.

until we meet again...


Cyndi said...

I just re-read your blurb on the top of your blog:

"I finished my first triathlon June 3, 2007 and have much more in my sights . . "

You are a rockstar, Fave!!!! Look how far you've come in 3 months!! You're going to kick that course's ass on Saturday!!


TriGirl Kate O said...

Just take it one discipline at a time, and keep positive. We'll all be out there with you and can't wait to see you cross that finish line!

Diane said...

Have a great race weekend and enjoy yourself!!! Then gear up for the best part... a recovery week. Ahh, my favorite!

Susie said...

SO excited to see you on the course tomorrow - take it one buoy at a time on the swim, divide the bike course in sections (and be sure to keep eating & drinking) and then hold a comfie pace in the run. If you're like me, I almost burst into tears when I (finally) crossed the finish line at E-man.


triathlonmom said...

Can't wait to hear the race report!!!