Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

This morning was the Carytown 10k. No, this doesn't really go with my training right now, but since I missed the big monument Avenue 10k I wanted to do one. (big mistake)

The Good
~ I got up and ran a 10k even though I could have easily slept in.
~ I PR'd on a bad day

The Bad
~ This was not a chip timing system so the times are not accurate with the mass start. Frustrating! I have to remind myself this was a fun race and times don't matter b/c I can't help but be frustrated.
~ I had a pity party afterwards (okay all day) even though I PR'd. And I can't help but not be satisfied with my time (yes I know i am hard on myself I hear it all the time but it's who I am)

And The Ugly
~ I had to walk. I just finished a freaking half ironman! And my knee was going to explode and my shin was going to rip out the front of my leg. On mile 3 I had to stop and stretch and it took me 11 minutes!!!! Why do I still have days when my knee just hurts. I am trying hard to take care of it. It bothered me last Thursday morning so I took thursday afternoon off. It's just so frustrating. And now I am off on a business trip for 3 days and will only be able to run.

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Kate said...

You did great. Sorry your knee is still causing problems, though.