Monday, May 5, 2008

White Lake Half Iron

I finished.

Race report to come.


SusieQ said...

I love that picture!!


Ro said...

LOL! I love that picture. It looks like you're saying "Haaaaaaay!!!" with jazz hands.

Can't wait to read the race report!

katebott said...

Ha ha! Thought you might like that picture Fave... classic... smiling all the way through as you kick some butt!

Lynn said...

You look marvelous!

TriGirl Kate O said...

What a great picture. Patty at swimming tonight said you looked like you were really enjoying the whole race. Congratulations on your PR!

Cyndi said...

Honestly, who looks that cute during a half-Ironman?!? GREAT picture!!!! Congrats on your super-faveulous PR!!!


TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

Yes, I agree with all the above! You looked so strong - and happy - on the White Lake course! The Fave factor shined through the tough moments, bright and strong!

Kate said...

Great picture Fave, it was good to see your smiling face out there, I am glad you had a good race.

Brian said...

You are a WARRIOR, Melissa!!! I just read the recap and got goosebumps.

Can't believe you found a whiner in a half IronMan. I guess they're everywhere, but I would have never suspected at something you have to typically qualify to accomplish. (do the Romanians whine to the Chinese in the Olympic Marathons?)

Anyhow, WAY TO GO, girl. Shaving 50 off is INCREDIBLE.

Rock on!