Thursday, May 1, 2008

Here we go, Pink Lake! Here we go! (clap clap)

the down.
I leave tomorrow.
I race on saturday.

I have made my lists of what needs to get done each night so I don't get overwelmed.
I have made my lists of what is needed each day (and leg) so I know what to pack.

The next time I swim - it will be in White Lake.
The next time I ride my bike - well that's tonight.
the next time I ride my bike forlonger than 30 minutes and at race pace - will be at White Lake.

The training is done. And it's been a fun 5 months - as always.
This is where the mental training is put to the test.
Why is this fun you may ask?

Fun: Sure there were times that I was sitting on a trainer for 3 hours "climbing hills" and many rides where my legs burned and my back hated me and my shorts never seemed to have enough padding to make it "comfortable".
But this is when Marco Diablo somehow makes this "yummy". And passing around the book of Would You Rather - Would you rather run a marathon in wooden shoes, or ride a cenutry with no bike seat?
Mental Training: So as I am riding 56 miles and may not have a soul in sight but the people in my head (it's okay they know me here), I will be able to hear the sound of laughter inside the gym at 6am on a Saturday with our eyes barely open (RE I am still waiting for your head holder invention). I can picture the bikes with a cup of starbucks in the cages. I can imagine Greg pulling me through the Rocky Mountains. And laugh at the thought that Jill attempted to wear a thong on a 70 mile ride. Well at least a girl was making sure she didn't have panty lines! And let's not mention I can have pride in my first race on Diamond.

Fun: Not only were there questionable bike sessions, but there are also those runs. Sure there was a week when I wasn't running except to the bathroom due to the plague. (still sad for missing the monument 10k), but man we had fun on the roads, too.
Mental Training: As I mosey from mile to mile walking through each water stop. i will think about Sharon, Molly, Shawn, and Mary - those girls have a rhythm. I will imagine I am jogging through the fan with SanDee as we pass the girl getting arrested - at 9am on a saturday..for what??? I sure can come up with some good stories n what she was up to! I'll think I'll stick with she was a Woman of the Night that stayed up passed her bed time - or would it be morning time?
Jill always came up with those long ass routes - that somehow we always incorporated Patterson turn-around and the Starbucks at Libbie - what really happened in that bathroom???
Patty - man that woman is consistent. She made it seem so easy.
Joan - she really made it seem too easy. I think she may have been walking as we ran.
Aimee and Tammy - maybe one day I can keep up with you...and Milo.
Margo and our early morning repeats. If memory serves me correct we earned speedy points for even meting at 6am on a weekday the snow!

Fun: Man I have a lot to think about. And I haven't even gotten to the swim! Uh oh - is this where the Tarzan drill kicks in??
Mental Training: Deanna B, Bethany, KO and the Gupfish. I love us.
Hmmm now should I do my butterfly drill duriong the swim? That might scare everyone away from me. But then who might I draft off of. Ok I will stick to freestyle.

Well, I started packing last night. And in the morning we are off.
The directions have been printed.
See you at PINK Lake.

and AG - don't google "pink lake" - especially at work! you dirty girl.

OH! and the weather. It's no longer predicted to be thundrstomrs all day, but now it's 85 partly cloudy with only a 20% chance of precip! keep those fingers crossed.

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