Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Swish Swish Swish Little Fish

At Patriot's Half my swim time was 49 minutes (includes getting lost oops)
At White Lake Half my swim time was 44 minutes.
A difference of 5 minutes in 7 months.
Timberman is 3 months away...what kind of strides can I make in the pool in that time I wonder. I know I need to stay in the Goldfish laneand push myself thru without losing my form (which is why I sometimes go back to the Guppy lane to work on form per the coach)

Last night I was back in action at Masters class.
The water seemed colder thean normal.
and I was in the Goldfish lane! AAAHHH!!!
Luckily TriMom was there too!
But....I stayed in the Goldfish lane and hung on strong.

Then we ended the night doing "races" Coach JP split us up into random lanes - so many people from each ability lane to form a mish mosh of abilities). Then...9x50 all out sprints. It felt great, but I didn't think my arms would work afterwards. In the beginning of class I thought about going to the TG swim that takews place at another pool 30 minutes after Masters is over. But after the sprints...I could hear my laundry calling and I think 2250 meters was enough.

I can't wait for next Monday!


Tea said...

That is phenomenal progress! WOW!

btw--I love the names "goldfish" "guppy". I think I'm going to start using those to describe my training days.

Viv said...

That is some productive time in the pool! I may need a coach with a whip to get me to do that many yards.
Good luck to you with training for the 1/2IM in Timberman.