Monday, June 2, 2008


I keep meaning to update you, blog. But life happens.
A quick recap...

~ IM Brazil people did great, especially with rough swim conditions and a language barrier.
~ My little sisters did great at their first triahtlons this past weekend.
~ I have ridden lots of hills lately and with the last two weekends being in southwet virginia I saw wildlife while riding, too.
~ Shout out to team traveller, who i found via google, and met me at my hotel (I was at a wedding) to take me on a training ride.
~ congrats to my roomie on her recent engagement.
~ the condo process is having a hic-cup and most likely will not be done before closing is scheduled. my realtor is kicking ass and taking names for me.
~ I have been traveling to Pinehurst for work more and having to juggle the training schedule accordingly.
~ I am getting tired of traveling and am off to denver in two weeks for another wedding. yay jackie and chris.
~ my sister is having a baby any minute now. i told her if i am out of town I ask that she cross her legs until I get back. thanks, sis.
~ I got new sneakers, so hopefully the shin pain will go away and I won't get blisters either.
~ i had more to note, but am so brain fried that I forgot.


Tea said...

YEA! Denver! If you're here and can meet up for coffee, let me know....unless of course if it's when I'm in cda. That'd be a bummer.

TriGirl Kate O said...

lunch friday--bring the VCU chickas too! See you tonight for more hills?