Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Shot at Fave (not quite the same as Tila Tequila)

Every morning as I get in my office, people scurry aorund drinking their coffe to get eh morning caffeine jolt.
Me - not so much.
I have never tasted coffee nor do I care to.
I love my non fat green tea latte's and the sort.
But every morning my routine is to drink a hot chocolate.
even in the summer.
it's so yummy!

well twice a week before my morning work routine i hit the gym for a run and sometimes weights, too - if i get up early enough for both.
I have been a fan of Clif products. especially shot blocks and peanut butter pretzel mojo bars. mmm.
But now Clif has won my heart.
They have introduced a new recovery drink. hot chocolate! seriously! i mean how FAVulous is that?! so i can do my morning workout, get to work and drink my routine hot chocolate. and it's all part of post-workout recovery. I can't wait to try it out!

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Megan said...

No coffee?


Geesh, and you think you know someone...