Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's been going on?

Saturday the brother and I showed up at the TG bike. Althoug he could have chosen to ride with IronGreg, he was wise and chose to ride with a bunch of chicks instead of staring at IronGreg's rear wheel. Smart boy. He chose us chicks. So we get to the ride. I am scheduled to ride 35 and run 10. But bummer- there are only 2 of us doing 35 and everyone else is scheduled 50. Blakey Blake rearranges my schedule so I can ride 50 with the group and then just run 10 on sunday. Sure this sounds good at the time.
The ride starts out great. Lots of drafting off fast people like Karen and Shelley - thanks girls! Around mile 35/40 I am staring to really feel sluggish. Like I can't even draft. I PUSH on thru (way to use that word from January!). The last 5-10 miles are smooth again. And sigh. back to the car.
Now fast forward to Sunday. I refuse to get up early. IronGreg and I decide to watch Xterra. And who do we see? Shawn and Karen! I would like to take a moment to brag about my awesome team mates. Keep in mmind they were both riding strong the 50 from the day before. they both participated in the Sport Distance race. and after finishing they found out that they BOTH won their age groups! and came in 4th and 11th overall! i mean hello! that pretty much rocks my socks. they looked gret afterwards and i hope they are displaying their awards proudly.
so back to training. right, remember that 10 miles? ugh. do i have to? why decide to go along with this? hmph. okay. i fuel up with the best wrap in richmond - the cali club from palani drive (which can i note that it has been their special everyday for the passed 6 months - it should be a menu staple!) i pack a few more boxes and get dressed for the gym. (b/c yes i am wussing out of doing it outside). I hit up the elliptical and knocked it out. I was told to take it easy, and easy it what I did. the first 6.2 miles I averaged well over 10:00/miles. So the last 3.8 I averaged 9:40. not bad.
then monday came. and i got word tha tmy condo closing has again been pushed back...til july 31st. so I spent the evening with the realtor writing my addendum and then ditching swim practice to pack. at least i was productive. that makes me feel better for slacking in the pool for a night.
then came tuesday. hill ride wih Blakey Blake. my legs were still feeling heacvy from the long weekend workout. since I knew the route I was aksed to lead the group out - ha! about 10 miles out someone could tell I was struggling and offered to pull. I was not embracing the hills. and did i mention they were hill repeats. but ont he way back in sandee gave me a sweet pull and yanked me in to keep my average up. that girl is tearingup the bike - i'm so proud of my winter running buddy! i've missed her! (ps she is now a certified personal trainer!)
and that brings us back to doe. a deer.
oh wait. i mean it brings up back to today.

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tri-ing races not cases said...

Sounds like some great workouts. Way to PUSH through :) Sorry to hear about your condo date. Frustrating I am sure!