Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I-64 East

Fellow Richmonders,

If you need to drive down I-64 East these next few days I encourage you all to find an alternate route. See, they recently repaved part of it. I know waht you;re thinking, "Why is this a bad thing?" And although this is a good thing, the road it currently covered with little rocks and pebbles left over from the paving. And these can get thrown up onto your windshield right in your eyelevel immediately snowflaking out and causing you to have to get a new windshield (after using profanity at a high volume level first - which my mom does not think is lady like but sure does seem perfect for the moment now doesn't it. shoud I say "bless my heart").

Best Wishes,
TRIgirl Fave

PS - I know I used a multitude of run on sentences, but I am okay with it.

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