Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On Wounded Knees

(showing off our RTC tats)
this past weekend I participated in my first relay at Patriot's sprint in Jamestown! My friend Erin and I - with my bad knee, compartment syndrome, and her newly healed broken knee - were the team...On Wounded Knees.

the plan was for Erin to swim and bike and I would run the 5k.

Hanna came by and threw a kink in the weekend plan for all races. Ours was lucky enough to still go on, but as a duathlon.

The first leg was a 1.6 run. I ran this in 13:31 for a pace of 8:27. Not bad at all.

After the 2nd fastest bke split for T1, Erin was off on the bike.

It was hard not to sit down and relax after running, but I knew I needed to stay warm so I walked around. Ate gu and magic pills (aka endurolytes) and hydrated...it was hot and sticky.

Then Erin came tearing around the corner...

Again we had the second fastet T2 time and I was off ont he 5k.

man! I hadn't run a 5k in about 2 years and it was so weird! I had a hard time trying to figure out a pace. I tried to pace off another runner, but I jsut couldn't. It was depressing! I have only run distance in the past 2 years and it showed. which isn;t a bad thing - it was just eye openeing. I thought tomyself - if I can do a half iron surely Ican do a 5k. and I can - but slower than ideal and at a half iron pace! so needless to say my pace for the 5k - 10:01...perfect the marathon I'm training for!!! but not for a 5k! GRRRRRR.

But as I came towards the finish chute I passed a girl that was showing her fatigue. I ran with her for a minute trying to pep her up and give it that final kick and she did! Then as I was coming down the finish chute Erin joined me (in socks) and we were able to cross the finish line together. My favorite part of the day. As we toasted to our race, i had a tap on the shoulder with a 'thank you' from the girl I talked in. That was my 2nd favorite part of the day!

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Tea said...

WOW! There were SO many blogger peeops there! It's sounds like such a great race. 8:27 pace? wow!
you are officially too cool!