Monday, September 8, 2008

Patriot's Race Weekend

This weekend was the 2nd annual Patriot's Race Weekend in Jamestown, VA.

Saturday is the half iron distance event. While Sunday is the sprint and international distances.

this year, due to Hurricane Hanna, the production company (SetUp Events) had to cancel the half iron distance. this was sa big disappointment to those racing, especially those first timers. this was my first last year and I have watched my team mates put int eh training to cross that finish line. this unfortunate cancellation brought on a huge debate on see, the production company is offering 50% off next year's race, but cannot offer a refund for this year.
Is that ideal? no.
Is it reality? yes.
sure they would love to give everyone their money back, but that simply isn't possible.
sure tey would have loved to divert Hanna and be able to hold the event, they, too, hae work tirelessly to organize.
This is just how it goes. But look out for next year - thee will be a hurricane season policy. Possibly a financial insurance for them, too.
Walk a mile in their shoes, people.
it sucks! but suck it up already. we missed a race. whoopy doo. we could have had it a lot worse.

RD's simply cannot do refunds regardless of what the reason. Last year I had to miss a race b/c I ended up with stiches in my foot. and it was some drunk ass that dropped a beer bottle to cut my foot open. I had to miss a race and not get my money back. that's life.

And yes, you can get your t-shirt and socks if you want them that badly.

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