Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's only Wednesday...

1. I got a rock in my windshield yesterday that added to the other crack and caused for a new windshield.

2. Comcast is the devil. since FiOS is not yet in my area (seriously?!) I have to succumb to the devil. so as I wait between 8 and 11 today - they never show up. they did, however, receie a lovely call from me. And I expect to see them before 8:30 on Friday or they will receive a call from a much more angry Fave - and they do not care that they made me miss a half a day of work for nothing. Clearly - the devil.

3. REcycling. A good thing, right? I mean we all need to be green. and I am planning on getting my LEED accredidation in January - if I pass! (hmm if I study first!). so being that I am in a new building I request this service.
sorry this service is not available in multi-family buildings with more than 4 residences.
Really?! Well can I please get a bin to take to my local drop off station?
No, I'm sorry the bins are for curbside customers only.
Well shit! glad the recycling company is intersted in providing service for all people to do their part.

1. USAA rocks. I have a new windshield. and all I had to do was meet the glass guy in the lobby to give him my keys and then pick them up an hour later. and onyl for a mere 50.00.

2. I have yet to have to wait for the elvator today!!! it's always been right there when I need it.

3. I can use a rubbermaid container as a recycling bin. and they have lids - the containers don't!

4. I am going to Raleigh this weekend and get to see all my lovely girls! Can't wait!


Jennifer said...

You're right...Comcast is the devil. They did a no-show on us too when we had our cable installed. We just canceled it and saw on our bill a "down-grade fee". Seriously? Comcast, you suck.

And I CANNOT believe your condo building doesn't have an agreement with the local recycling centers. Ridiculous!!! I tried to get my company here recycling (we have the bins, but apparently they're just used for trash) but they said no. It just doesn't make any sense!

SusieQ said...

That's weird. I have FIOS - and I live a block away from you!

But, we don't have recycling either. I take all my stuff over to Rick's every other week. It beats tossing the stuff out - but it is a pain.


tryingtotri said...

How can we have fios and you don't? seriously?
USAA is the best, I have to agree!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

M said...

comcast makes me want to jump out of my second story window onto their van and punch their windshield in.

well, that would be if they actually ever showed up.

the last time they were here? the service man left a nice loooooonnnngggg deep scratch in my hardword floor. think they'll give me the money to cover the apartment deposit I will lose as a result?

I'm gonna say no on that.