Thursday, September 25, 2008


I think PT may be far at least.
I ran for the first time outside in quite some time. And there were some tweaks and twinges - but no floppy foot and no muscle explosion feelings! (always a plus!)
then this morning...I ran 5.2 miles...with no pain!!!
Granted afterwards the whole lower leg was sore...
...but then I jsut went to PT where jim so kindly dug into the muscle.
Oddly - I told him to dig harder it hurt so good.
so the leg is still super inflammed and tight and full of adhesions.
but the marathon is not out of sight! yay!

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M said...

I like when the massage lady goes really deep so it hurts - when I cringe, she asks, "I'm sorry - does that hurt?" And I always tell her, "Yeah, but in a good way so keep doing it!" I love a good painful massage!

BTW, your comment withthe cheese cake is AWESOME. I bookmarked know...just in case....