Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cycling Double Header

This past weekend was the cycling Double Header. It's two cycling events that ended up ont ehsame weekend over the years and there fore it's a double header - althouhg we found out they are techinically two events. IronGreg, myself, Adam and Jennn (with 3 n's :) )headed up to the Blacksburg area for the weekend.

We drive to pacet pick-up. this is at a local hotel. Well I can't even begin to explain the way packet pick up was set up b/c I am not sure he organizers knew. the event was not expensive and it showed in our packets. they were grocery bags with a t-shirt and a map in it. Well, at lesat they are being...green? Next we head off to the camp site. Yes, I do enjoy camping. (and yes, I wore my faux pearls for the weekend). We sent up our tents and headed into Blackburg for some eats. After walking around main Street for a while we picked a grille called "Big Al's". This was an adventure in itself. All I can say is "I heard the meart part, but not the balls". just go with it and use your imagination. After a few hours to eat, we headed back to the camp and immediately hit the tents for some sleep. As we lay there it started to rain. It was so nice hearing the gentle rain drops pitter patter on the top of the tent. The sound of the river babbling in the background. Then the rain picks up - good thing we have the rain cover on! Then hooooonk hooooonk. screeeeeeeech. What was that? A train? I tell Greg clearly that cannot be a train and he replies well it's not like it will happen all night. so we go to sleep.

We wake up bright and early to head to the Wilderness Road Race - 38 mile route. But not before discussing the trainS. Yes, plural - trains. They were on both sides of the river. And there is a crossing- so they have to honk their horn. And it's curve so they screech along the rails. And did i mention one comes about every 20-30 minutes? Yeah. It was chilly, so we pulled up the arm warmers and headed off on the course. About a quarter mile in we all (about 20 of us) miss a turn - oops. (ok so greg did go the right way) As we continue on the ride we see lots of great views and hook up with a guy named michael. turns out he was the orignila RD of the Wilderness Road Ride. A native of Christiansburg, we added a little to the course and he showed us some of the sights. The silver Bullet enjoyed being back out, excpt she was quite squeaky to let me know she was jealous of my new relationship with Diamond. fianlly we found a SAG guy to grease me up. And then I was able to hit the granny gear on those hills. I learned about how much practice I need with hills. And that it's more important to keep cadence up. But I finsihed all 2500 feet of climbing. Afterwards I put on my old running shoes (I no longer like my nike's) and went out for a quick 20 minute run. I wanted to run longer, but my shins told me otherwise. Stupid shins.
Afterwards we met up with Dom and went back into town for wings then a campfire. No we did not sing songs, but we did make s'mores!

well the morning was not as cold and not wet from rain. And I started ot tune out the trains. Interesting. The guys all headed out for the 102 mile Mountains of Misery. Jenn and I cleaned up camp and then surprised the guys on a "lolloipop" part of the ride. They were surprised to see us the first time, but as they apssed again they were posing. Clearly this was planned. I cannot explain the pose - will post the picture when I receive it. It was classic. The ride ended at Mountain Lake. This is where the movie Dirty Dancing was mainly filmed. Unfortunately they were not playing the soundtrack at the finish line. We did notice a few of the sights and reminsced on a classic movie. The ride ends at the top of a 6 mile climb with an average grade of 12%. Yeah. no thanks. This ride was 102 miles long with 10,000 feet of climbing. gross. Adam was first to come in and behind him was Greg and Dom pushing it out side by side.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

This morning was the Carytown 10k. No, this doesn't really go with my training right now, but since I missed the big monument Avenue 10k I wanted to do one. (big mistake)

The Good
~ I got up and ran a 10k even though I could have easily slept in.
~ I PR'd on a bad day

The Bad
~ This was not a chip timing system so the times are not accurate with the mass start. Frustrating! I have to remind myself this was a fun race and times don't matter b/c I can't help but be frustrated.
~ I had a pity party afterwards (okay all day) even though I PR'd. And I can't help but not be satisfied with my time (yes I know i am hard on myself I hear it all the time but it's who I am)

And The Ugly
~ I had to walk. I just finished a freaking half ironman! And my knee was going to explode and my shin was going to rip out the front of my leg. On mile 3 I had to stop and stretch and it took me 11 minutes!!!! Why do I still have days when my knee just hurts. I am trying hard to take care of it. It bothered me last Thursday morning so I took thursday afternoon off. It's just so frustrating. And now I am off on a business trip for 3 days and will only be able to run.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Yummy Lunch

Today I found myself walking over to the James Center YMCA. this is locatedint he heart of downtown and offers 45 minutes lunch time classes. I keep telling myself to get my butt over there, and have even bookmarked the web page. But my gympage comes to work...and goes home without being opened (well durign the day that is)

Today I did it! I met my friend Katharine for Ball class. knowing how much ball work Marco Diable has u sdo this has to be good, right. Well, after the yumminess served by Marco, this one seemed kind of dinky. I mean I did break a sweat...but not really. So I am glad I went, but I think I will be usign this time for free weights Marco style instead of the class.

but it was a yummy lunch!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Swish Swish Swish Little Fish

At Patriot's Half my swim time was 49 minutes (includes getting lost oops)
At White Lake Half my swim time was 44 minutes.
A difference of 5 minutes in 7 months.
Timberman is 3 months away...what kind of strides can I make in the pool in that time I wonder. I know I need to stay in the Goldfish laneand push myself thru without losing my form (which is why I sometimes go back to the Guppy lane to work on form per the coach)

Last night I was back in action at Masters class.
The water seemed colder thean normal.
and I was in the Goldfish lane! AAAHHH!!!
Luckily TriMom was there too!
But....I stayed in the Goldfish lane and hung on strong.

Then we ended the night doing "races" Coach JP split us up into random lanes - so many people from each ability lane to form a mish mosh of abilities). Then...9x50 all out sprints. It felt great, but I didn't think my arms would work afterwards. In the beginning of class I thought about going to the TG swim that takews place at another pool 30 minutes after Masters is over. But after the sprints...I could hear my laundry calling and I think 2250 meters was enough.

I can't wait for next Monday!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Week 1

Today starts week one of Timberman 70.3 training.
Masters here I come.
(and I will stop going back down a lane)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Retail Therapy

Yeseterday I was Miss Cranky Pants.

I was throwing a pity party for everything imaginable...my slow bike split, the scale, having to buy furniture.

Then I met up with mom and Grandma. We went to Costco and DSW.

Sure enough I woke up this morning and hit the gym, got along with the scale, and I am feeling good.

I am a firm believer in retail therapy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Post Race Blues

There is lots of research done on the post-race blues.
Well, I got em.
But not the kind they study.
Mine...is about the food.
I have held on to an extra 4lbs all week. (and does show! and I am still hanging onto that 7 I put on over the winter, too)
I am drinking my water watching my coworkers eat ice cream cake while my body is asking for the afternoon meal.
This is no fun.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mayo continues

no worries I am working on my race report.
as i eat my leftover taco bell.
yes, taco bell. i love that place and yesterday was cinco de mayo.

i realized something intersting this morning.
my 1st half marathon was in 2006
I finished in 2:54
My 2nd half marathon was in 2008
I finished in 2:04
A difference of 50 minutes

1st half iron in 2007
Finished in 7:24
2nd half iron in 2008
Finished in 6:34
A difference of 50 minutes.

I am sensing pattern here.
Last year I did my first marathon, which means this yea'r swill be my 2nd.
hmm I wonder if I can shave off 50 minutes.
Is this the year of 50???

White Lake Turns Pink

The lake formerly known to be White Lake is now officially Pink Lake.
With a chill in the air and dew drops on the grass and bikes, race morning had arrived.


I was constantly refreshing the screen on my computer on the Set Up Events Website waiting for the registration to open. I knew I had about an hour so I quickly headed off for a trip to Target. while shopping for the ever important beauty products, my phone rang - the wolfpack fight song - my brother's personalized ring tone. Registration opened early! Eek! I'm a target! I scurry over to a corner and read him my credit card information so he can sign me up! Shew. Mission Accomplished. I rushed home and the forum was going nutty with everyone trying to log in and register. Finally- we were all in. I was going to do another half ironman.

The days passed of spening hours on the trainer and lifting weights at Maramarc.
Meeting the girls for early morning runs.
These are the memories of triathlons that I can't put into words in a blog.


Friday, May 2nd
Greg and I drove down to the middle of nowhere. Seriously.
White lake is outside of Clinton.
Clinton is outside of Fayetteville.
Fayettevillle is outside of Raleigh.
somehow - we got cell phone reception in them there parts. I can't knock my home state, but man there were thick accents.

The whole way down my stomach wasn't feeling so good. Not nerves which I defintiely was feeling, but sick feeling. Oh no! I ate my pb and j and pretzels and drank my gatorade, but really I just wanted to puke. (nice thought huh)

We arrive at the race site - the FFA. mom and brother were there waiting for us. Packet pick-up was the fastest ever. The stomach started feeling better. Yay! I saw a lot of my girls painted cars and everything.

Greg, the Brother, and I shimmied into our wetsuits and headed into the lake for a swim. The water was nice. Not too cold - but not too warm either. We worked on drills and I even showed my brother my not-so-graceful butterfly drill I was learning. then we met up with more friends and finally made our way to dinner...Hibachi!

Full bellies and the bags are packed...time for a good night's sleep.

Saturday, May 3rd - Race Day
the water was nice. Margo, Kate and I were in the same wave - the silver caps!
the gun goes off and so do we! I think of my drills and start off hard to get through the group. I settle into my pace and take my time. I try to find people to draft off of, but everyone's in front of me. Oh well. I swim buoy to buoy and they go by before I know it. In the beginning I have to settle into breathing and the wetsuit. Ok I get that in check. As I am in the middle section once again my hair keeps getting stuck on the velcro strap and dang it hurts and it's annoying. I pause a few times to get that under control so I can focus on my stroke. I did pass one boater...now I appreciate you being out here for us. really, i do. but please turn off your engine - I can smell and taste the gas in the water. I am heading for my last portion back to the dock. Really? already? I feel like I just got out here. As I run to trainsition I pass Greg, Erin, and Emmie and Greg yells that I am right on time. I look down and see 44 minutes on my watch. I wanted to finish in 40-45 minutes - at least I broke 45 minutes.
Time - 44:52
Pace - 2:07
A/G - 17/21


I quickly hop on the bike and I'm off. Going downt he first stretch and people ar epassing me like I am standing still. I look down and I am doing roughly 20mph which is great for me so I try to tune out the speesters flying by. I focus on my nutrition plan and try not to think about my average. (I have a bad habit of looking at it throughout the ride) Then as I close my bento box I hit the button and my computer is showing me my cadence and not time. I need it to show time since I eat every 15 minutes. As I click the buttons to get it back it passes my average speed - 19.8! Heck yeah I think to myself! If I can hold this up for another 36 miles I'll be golden! then the firt right turn comes. BAM! The wind strongarms me. I think it might actually bring me to a stop. I actually wished I was bigger so maybe the wind wouldn't be able to blo wme around so much. another girl and I hopscootch around eah other throughout the course egging each other on to pass each other and push harder. I try not to push too terribly hard, though- I heard the last 15 miles are the hardest and I don't want to kill it before finishing! Finally another turn. I think to myself how happy I am going ot be to not have headwind anymore! I turn right...and I think the wind might push me over sideways. Geez Louise - what is this nonsense! But I tell myself everyone has to race through it so I jsut have to PUSH! I am feeling good again and realize...I'm in the last 15 miles...this isn't the hardest part! I pedal as hard as I can back into transition.

Time - 3:20:49

Pace - 16.73

A/g - 17/21


And i'm off...and there's a water stop. Immediately as I begin my run I get a cramp in my quad/knee. Last year I had lots of cramping problems so I have been working on avoiding these. I get to mile 2 and go ahead and take an e-cap aka magic pill. Before I get to mile 2, though, I see my brother finishing his first lap! What a way to start the run. He looks at his watch and says he will see me soon. I keep on going cheering on my friends as we pass each other on the course. There were so many of us out there I swear I couldn't stop smiling b/c being out there with everyone made me so happy! A few miles later and I hear this voice from behind..."When I say red you say white. RED!" me: "WHITE!" My brother passes me..."When I say wolf, you say pack. WOLF!". me: "PACK!" We do a quick little Wolfpack cheer and he scurries on passed me. (he has longer legs - that's my excuse). I pass a guy and he turns to me and asks "are you always smiling" I said "I try!" The run course was hot with minima to no shade. Luckily they had thse nasty but great towels in ice buckets at every aid station. they were so nice! I leave an aid station with one guy as he starts complainging to me. really? this is not the time. He whines about the heat (ps dude we are all hot). I told him - at least he could feel theheat. then he whines aboutbeing tired (umm aren't we all) I tell him at least he can run to get tired. the I leave him. so long Mr. Optimisic! Some people I swear. Next time you get tired think of Team Hoyt with a person on your back! or the person passing you...with only one leg. Look around you and take it in. how can you not smile! Then as I am finishing up on the run I pass some volunteers and make sure the thank them. they were young kids picking up the trash. One boy responds "Hey can i get your number? ya know, later". I look at him laugh and say "NO" Seriously?! He was all of 14 and I am dying in the heat! Boys will be boys I suppose. Final stretch on my way in I try to pick it up a little. Last 2 miles...cramp! cramp! well shit! I walk it out have a conversation with my calf and let it know we are on the way in so it better behave. Then I see a few more TG's - blow them kisses and I turn the last water stop. (I just got goosebumps typing that). I kick it up. Excsue me - move over here I come!

Time: 2:24:02

Pace: 10:59 (yikes!)

A/G: 16/21

I start running down the finish chute and hear my mom and Greg and friends! I did it!

Time 6:34:50

A/G: 15/21

I really wanted to finish in 6:15-6:24. But I will take 6:34. Last year I finished in 7:24 so I shaved FIFTY minutes off! Man no stitches and taking care of the knee sure does help! Although I did not hit my pace goals in any of the legs, I made strides in my race and focused on nutrition which was one of my key goals overall.

How much longer until Timberman???

(more pictures to come...)

Monday, May 5, 2008

White Lake Half Iron

I finished.

Race report to come.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Here we go, Pink Lake! Here we go! (clap clap)

the countdown...is down.
I leave tomorrow.
I race on saturday.

I have made my lists of what needs to get done each night so I don't get overwelmed.
I have made my lists of what is needed each day (and leg) so I know what to pack.

The next time I swim - it will be in White Lake.
The next time I ride my bike - well that's tonight.
the next time I ride my bike forlonger than 30 minutes and at race pace - will be at White Lake.

The training is done. And it's been a fun 5 months - as always.
This is where the mental training is put to the test.
Why is this fun you may ask?

Fun: Sure there were times that I was sitting on a trainer for 3 hours "climbing hills" and many rides where my legs burned and my back hated me and my shorts never seemed to have enough padding to make it "comfortable".
But this is when Marco Diablo somehow makes this "yummy". And passing around the book of Would You Rather - Would you rather run a marathon in wooden shoes, or ride a cenutry with no bike seat?
Mental Training: So as I am riding 56 miles and may not have a soul in sight but the people in my head (it's okay they know me here), I will be able to hear the sound of laughter inside the gym at 6am on a Saturday with our eyes barely open (RE I am still waiting for your head holder invention). I can picture the bikes with a cup of starbucks in the cages. I can imagine Greg pulling me through the Rocky Mountains. And laugh at the thought that Jill attempted to wear a thong on a 70 mile ride. Well at least a girl was making sure she didn't have panty lines! And let's not mention I can have pride in my first race on Diamond.

Fun: Not only were there questionable bike sessions, but there are also those runs. Sure there was a week when I wasn't running except to the bathroom due to the plague. (still sad for missing the monument 10k), but man we had fun on the roads, too.
Mental Training: As I mosey from mile to mile walking through each water stop. i will think about Sharon, Molly, Shawn, and Mary - those girls have a rhythm. I will imagine I am jogging through the fan with SanDee as we pass the girl getting arrested - at 9am on a saturday..for what??? I sure can come up with some good stories n what she was up to! I'll think I'll stick with she was a Woman of the Night that stayed up passed her bed time - or would it be morning time?
Jill always came up with those long ass routes - that somehow we always incorporated Patterson turn-around and the Starbucks at Libbie - what really happened in that bathroom???
Patty - man that woman is consistent. She made it seem so easy.
Joan - she really made it seem too easy. I think she may have been walking as we ran.
Aimee and Tammy - maybe one day I can keep up with you...and Milo.
Margo and our early morning repeats. If memory serves me correct we earned speedy points for even meting at 6am on a weekday morning...in the snow!

Fun: Man I have a lot to think about. And I haven't even gotten to the swim! Uh oh - is this where the Tarzan drill kicks in??
Mental Training: Deanna B, Bethany, KO and the Gupfish. I love us.
Hmmm now should I do my butterfly drill duriong the swim? That might scare everyone away from me. But then who might I draft off of. Ok I will stick to freestyle.

Well, I started packing last night. And in the morning we are off.
The directions have been printed.
See you at PINK Lake.

and AG - don't google "pink lake" - especially at work! you dirty girl.

OH! and the weather. It's no longer predicted to be thundrstomrs all day, but now it's 85 partly cloudy with only a 20% chance of precip! keep those fingers crossed.