Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Results

Saturday morning TG Miso and I completed our 10 mile recovery run.
Does that sound odd to anyone else? 10 miles? recovery? those two don't go together.

Then on sunday...
A handful of my team mates finished Naylors Beach Olympic - some finished their first olympic!!
IronGreg brought home 3rd place in his AG - after busting open his toe getting off the bike - ewww
VanR sandwich - 1st in relays (brooke, adam, and tyler)
TG Jackie - 3rd in her AG

But also...
Chesapeake Man. The IMFL 08 girls used the aquavelo as a training day plus Molly joining in on the fun. And Karen and Som went ahead and did the whole thing. because they are badasses like that. And...
Restuls are in!!
Karen B - 1st Place in age group (finish time of 12:28.50)
Som - 2nd Place in age group (finish time 14:18.10)
Aqua Velo:
Tammy - 1st Place in age group (finish time 7:55.02)
Kate O - 2nd Place in age group (finish time 8:50.24)
Charlotte - 5th Place in age group (finish time 9:48.34)
Shawn - 1st Place in age group (finish time 8:56.36)
Sharon - 2nd Place in age group (finish time 8:56.37)
Patty - 1st Place in age group (finish time 8:48.25)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I think PT may be far at least.
I ran for the first time outside in quite some time. And there were some tweaks and twinges - but no floppy foot and no muscle explosion feelings! (always a plus!)
then this morning...I ran 5.2 miles...with no pain!!!
Granted afterwards the whole lower leg was sore...
...but then I jsut went to PT where jim so kindly dug into the muscle.
Oddly - I told him to dig harder it hurt so good.
so the leg is still super inflammed and tight and full of adhesions.
but the marathon is not out of sight! yay!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's only Wednesday...

1. I got a rock in my windshield yesterday that added to the other crack and caused for a new windshield.

2. Comcast is the devil. since FiOS is not yet in my area (seriously?!) I have to succumb to the devil. so as I wait between 8 and 11 today - they never show up. they did, however, receie a lovely call from me. And I expect to see them before 8:30 on Friday or they will receive a call from a much more angry Fave - and they do not care that they made me miss a half a day of work for nothing. Clearly - the devil.

3. REcycling. A good thing, right? I mean we all need to be green. and I am planning on getting my LEED accredidation in January - if I pass! (hmm if I study first!). so being that I am in a new building I request this service.
sorry this service is not available in multi-family buildings with more than 4 residences.
Really?! Well can I please get a bin to take to my local drop off station?
No, I'm sorry the bins are for curbside customers only.
Well shit! glad the recycling company is intersted in providing service for all people to do their part.

1. USAA rocks. I have a new windshield. and all I had to do was meet the glass guy in the lobby to give him my keys and then pick them up an hour later. and onyl for a mere 50.00.

2. I have yet to have to wait for the elvator today!!! it's always been right there when I need it.

3. I can use a rubbermaid container as a recycling bin. and they have lids - the containers don't!

4. I am going to Raleigh this weekend and get to see all my lovely girls! Can't wait!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I-64 East

Fellow Richmonders,

If you need to drive down I-64 East these next few days I encourage you all to find an alternate route. See, they recently repaved part of it. I know waht you;re thinking, "Why is this a bad thing?" And although this is a good thing, the road it currently covered with little rocks and pebbles left over from the paving. And these can get thrown up onto your windshield right in your eyelevel immediately snowflaking out and causing you to have to get a new windshield (after using profanity at a high volume level first - which my mom does not think is lady like but sure does seem perfect for the moment now doesn't it. shoud I say "bless my heart").

Best Wishes,
TRIgirl Fave

PS - I know I used a multitude of run on sentences, but I am okay with it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

You Betta Reckognize

Congratulations to all those that completed Ironman Louisville.
Especially my friends...
Som - who taught me to swim
Carlton - who has not feared the pink all season
and first timer finisher, Joan!!! - who also just got married xoxoxo

Congratulations to all those who conquered Ironman Wisconsin! Especially my friends...
Dr. Rick - wh might be one of the nicest guys ever
Blakey Blake - what can I say - he's my coach who kicks my butt and I like it.
and first time finisher, Aimee!!!! - she's a pinkie, what can I say! xoxoxo

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On Wounded Knees

(showing off our RTC tats)
this past weekend I participated in my first relay at Patriot's sprint in Jamestown! My friend Erin and I - with my bad knee, compartment syndrome, and her newly healed broken knee - were the team...On Wounded Knees.

the plan was for Erin to swim and bike and I would run the 5k.

Hanna came by and threw a kink in the weekend plan for all races. Ours was lucky enough to still go on, but as a duathlon.

The first leg was a 1.6 run. I ran this in 13:31 for a pace of 8:27. Not bad at all.

After the 2nd fastest bke split for T1, Erin was off on the bike.

It was hard not to sit down and relax after running, but I knew I needed to stay warm so I walked around. Ate gu and magic pills (aka endurolytes) and was hot and sticky.

Then Erin came tearing around the corner...

Again we had the second fastet T2 time and I was off ont he 5k.

man! I hadn't run a 5k in about 2 years and it was so weird! I had a hard time trying to figure out a pace. I tried to pace off another runner, but I jsut couldn't. It was depressing! I have only run distance in the past 2 years and it showed. which isn;t a bad thing - it was just eye openeing. I thought tomyself - if I can do a half iron surely Ican do a 5k. and I can - but slower than ideal and at a half iron pace! so needless to say my pace for the 5k - 10:01...perfect the marathon I'm training for!!! but not for a 5k! GRRRRRR.

But as I came towards the finish chute I passed a girl that was showing her fatigue. I ran with her for a minute trying to pep her up and give it that final kick and she did! Then as I was coming down the finish chute Erin joined me (in socks) and we were able to cross the finish line together. My favorite part of the day. As we toasted to our race, i had a tap on the shoulder with a 'thank you' from the girl I talked in. That was my 2nd favorite part of the day!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Patriot's Race Weekend

This weekend was the 2nd annual Patriot's Race Weekend in Jamestown, VA.

Saturday is the half iron distance event. While Sunday is the sprint and international distances.

this year, due to Hurricane Hanna, the production company (SetUp Events) had to cancel the half iron distance. this was sa big disappointment to those racing, especially those first timers. this was my first last year and I have watched my team mates put int eh training to cross that finish line. this unfortunate cancellation brought on a huge debate on see, the production company is offering 50% off next year's race, but cannot offer a refund for this year.
Is that ideal? no.
Is it reality? yes.
sure they would love to give everyone their money back, but that simply isn't possible.
sure tey would have loved to divert Hanna and be able to hold the event, they, too, hae work tirelessly to organize.
This is just how it goes. But look out for next year - thee will be a hurricane season policy. Possibly a financial insurance for them, too.
Walk a mile in their shoes, people.
it sucks! but suck it up already. we missed a race. whoopy doo. we could have had it a lot worse.

RD's simply cannot do refunds regardless of what the reason. Last year I had to miss a race b/c I ended up with stiches in my foot. and it was some drunk ass that dropped a beer bottle to cut my foot open. I had to miss a race and not get my money back. that's life.

And yes, you can get your t-shirt and socks if you want them that badly.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Hurricane Hanna is not cooperating with my weekend plans.
I am supposed to run 10 miles on saturday.
But Hanna is going to be making a visit.

Some of my team mates are supposed to do (their first) half iron on Saturday.
But Hanna cancelled it.

I am supposed to do the run portion of a relay on Sunday.
But thanks to Hanna it's a duathlon so I am running twice (but at least we can still do it)

Hanna - you stink!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a Weekend

1. I closed on my condo.
2. I painted my condo. (well with the help of IronGreg)
3. I moved into my condo (well with the help of the movers)
4. My nephew giggled for the first time. and he was in my arms when he did it.
5. I enjoyed my Labor Day with a hot dog for lunch and a cheeseburger for dinner. And ice cream for dessert.