Monday, May 11, 2009

Post-Op Appointment #1: Not for the faint

I didn't think today would ever come. My first post-op appointment. The day my sutures would be removed and the large bandage would no longer get in the way of my leg fully moving and getting into clothes!

TG Cathy picked me up and we were hopping to the car I mentioned to her my excitement in this adventure - adventure it what it was. Cathy's car had some bad gas - like eating too much mexican bad gas. This kept us entertained for the trip.

I got all checked in and Nurse Trish called me to the back. She saw that now that I am putting some weight on my foot I am walking tortoise slow - the hare would definitely win these days. So she moved me into the first room. I hopped up on the table as she got the suture removal kit. I couldn't wait to look under neach all the wrap, gauze and goodies. (Ok so maybe I peeked yesterday morning). Boy was that ga-ro-dee.

Time for the steri-strips to be removed (whoo getting faint thinking about it) As she peeled back the strip revealing the wound I see it still open. (gag reflex). Deep breaths, fave. Deep breaths. she explains to me that it is only one stitch - called a running stitch along the inside. she cuts the end - owie. Dr. Z comes in to check on me and about this time I am getting hot. not warm. Hot. Did someone turn up the heat because man I am dripping sweat. color - where did you go? they both look at me as I am now seeing spots. You feeling okay? I shake my head 'no' as I can't even speak. They quickly lay me down and put my knees up and start fanning me and get me some water. Trish keeps me talking. It felt like an hour, but was probably only about 5 minutes then I am able to breath normally again. I decide it is best that I do not watch her put on the new steri-strips.

Good news is I can take a shower! Not a bath, but a shower. What does this mean? I can shave my legs! IronGreg's legs are smoother than mine these days - there is something wrong with that. I of course can't clean the area of the wound, but at least I can get the leg wet now. And these new steri-strips will eventually fall off.

And now I can see the wound whenever I feel like it. The bruising is exposed, which my coworkers are enjoying since I am wearing shorts today. One step closer to recovery.

I would also like to high-five all my girls (and guys) that did Kinetic and White Lake this past weekend. you never cease to amaze me.


tri-ing races not cases said...

I loved your comments about Greg's legs. Bart's are rather darn smooth these days too. Glad you are still making progress.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Had my own gag reflex a week and half ago. Madeline had to have both big toes operated on (severe infected ingrown toenails at the BOTTOM of the toe). I went in w/ her, and boy, did I see spots, too! The sweating and I'll see you one faintness and raise you a puke in the trashcan! Yep. Mom embarrassed her daughter big time. I can relate, too, about Greg's legs....Jeff's are way prettier than mine!!