Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up.

I have had many intentions of blogging over the past week or so, but time just hasn't been on my side. well in the blogging sense at least.

1. Yellow Jersey Metric+
I rode the Yellow Jersey Metric+ on July 5th for the Livestrong Foundation. hmm I don't have a yellow jersey - well I do now. I got a fabulous one from and I love it. It's now my #1 weekend long ride jersey. Not only it is bright yellow - visible to drivers, but it also has cute little bike cogs all over it.

The ride was...well it was wet! As soon as we pull out of the parking lot, it started sprinkling. thenit start flat out raining! Me, KO, and B-Hott hooked up with a group of riders and we took turns drafting and pulling and jsut got to know more great people!

George. George saw I was on a TT bike so he started inquiring about my race season. I of course returned the line of questioning. And well, George is now my hero. George is a cancer survivor. He ha survived some major cancer which he lsot some organs - that's right - ORGANS. (I was like man my surgery is awful wimpy compared to that!). and he's out here. riding the longest distance in a few years. He still has to go to the cancer hospital every months for some testing - the same cancer hospital my dad was in at one point during his illness. He is my inspritation for my IMAZ training. Every time I don't know how I can go forward, I am going to think of George. George - it was FAVulous meeting you.

So there we were riding along and somehow our great little group got split up right at the end. So the girls and one guy rode it on in. We hit a few red lights, which allowed me to squeeze the 5lbs of water out of the chamois - talk abotu a diaper! I figured I had no excuse for not running afterwards - I was clearly already wet. then the last 3 miles were brutal. It ended up being just me a B-Hott and we were shiiiivvvveeeerrrrrring. It was plain miserable. I hopped in my car turned the heat on high, the seat warmers and the steering wheel warmers on high. Then took about a 30 minute shower and drank hot chocolate. ahh. thawed out.

2. Addiction
I have 2 new addictions: Bakery on Main Extreme Fruit and Nut Granola and Real Simple Magazine.

I have read the magazine before, but until the last ssue I have decided it's plain crack. Such good crack that I helped the recession out by getting a subscription. I think I might get the shakes waiting for my first issue to show up in the mail! Good thing their website has just as good crack on it!

3. Sunflowers

This weekend I rode with a couple girls. A nice casual social ride. I took "Lynn with an E" for her first 35 mile ride a few months back, so I was happy to take her on her first 50 mile ride. As we toodled down the country roades, kicking it up at times, and stayign together in traffic at others. One thing we noticed are the sunflower fields. We passed a handful of them and they jsut make you smile. We are so furtunate to have such great roads for riding so close to home. (although I could do with out the one farm who's cows clearly ate some bad mexican the night before)

Oh - and I saw George and my new bike buds out in the country riding along.

and that's brings us back to today. as I eat my stonyfield farm organic french vanilla yogurt with bakery on main extreme fuit and nut granola. yummy in my tummy.


SusieQ said...

"Yummy in my tummy" is one of my favorite sayings (yup - I am eater).

So cool that you met George :)

TriGirl 40 Something said...

The rain for the Yellow Jersey ride sounded killer - but you've gotten in your bad weather training!

LOVE the sunflower pictures. Let's do that ride sometime soon. Like this weekend, maybe. :)