Thursday, July 2, 2009


I know - you can imagine me saying that sounding oh-so-marine-like!
This morning I went to "Bring a Friend Day" with my friend's fiancee to Seal Team Physical Training. She has been doing it for about 2 months now and is looking totally fit.

I get there and we start with a warm-up run. Hmm I can't run quite yet, oh well.

Push-ups. Push-ups. did I mention we did some push-ups.

Okay the instructor wants to talk now. We'll jog in place with our arms up.

Bear Crawl.

Crab Walk.



Let's go for another run.
I try to mention that I am not supposed to be running this much, but I'm not going to hang behind.

Time for 2:00 of sit-ups. Oh - I don't mind sit-ups. First my "buddy" (an instructor I am paired with) goes. Good gracious she did 112. And it wasn't even the most she's ever done. I get in a whopping 52. then they ask those with PR's to stand up and Tyler stood up - she got in her first 100 - you go on with your bad self.

Okay let's go run some more. Ohand this time we can carry people twice our size.

and was fun?
Unfortunately, I can't do this AND train for IMAZ, so hoepfully in the wainter when it's nice and cold and dark outside in the mornings, I will be able to join. But I think I will be taking December OFF. that's right. I am goign to spend the month of December being FAT and LAZY. It's going to be nice.

So I did my first STPT and so far so good. Only pains are the palms of my hands. They were rubbed completely raw. Owie.


tryingtotri said...

It is kinda fun, in a very strange way...

kayrob said...

Good gracious!!! Sounds tiring! :) I'm jealous of all this good exercise. I was very excited by a mile walk at a snail's pace. :) :)