Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ironman USA

What a weekend! Everyone did so well. I am in awe and inspired (and a little scared).

The morning started out nice.
Everyone was ready for the day to begin.
And they're off.
And the rain begins.

We were broken up into 3 groups of sherpas. Although some of us missed some poeple, we saw others and together we were able to see everyone get out of the water.
Everyone except Tyler.
After a phone call to Richmond to check the website, he had a split so we knew he ws safe and on his way to the bike.

by now the rain has let up, but the sun has not come out fully...yet.
As sherpas we thought the weather seemed pretty good for a bike ride. Me, Emmie, and Jenn staked out our cheering location at the beginning of the 2nd loop as they climbed a hill - this way they had to slow down and we could take pictures! although we saw pretty much everyone, not everyoen realized it was us cheering them on - too funny. they are too fast =)

As it was time to run, the sun decided to come on and shine hard. It was a hot marathon. And afer the rain just sticky. Not ideal conditions, but everyone made it look so easy. How did they do that?!

IronGreg had an amazing race finishing in 10:23:31
101st overall and 21st in his AG.
I'm so proud of him. He has worked so hard and it showed.
We stayed the entire race and I msut say the last hour was my favorite (next to watching my friends finish). the crowd was amazing. Watching the Ford Everyday Hero who had completed the course a few years ago in 11 hours who was then hit by a bus as a NYC fireman came across the line with about 50 spectators running him in at 16:57. Followed by another finisher finishing in 16:59:59. The support and cheering cannot be put into words. And that is why I love this sport.

Some moments to highlight:
- the male winner had the lea by 30 minutes at the beginning of the run, and still finsihed with 20 minutes ahead of #2. hello speedy.
- the female 2nd place winner started the run in 4th. she looked liek she was running a 5k or out for a daily jog. she had the biggest smile on her face and was flying having so much fun. i'll have what she's having!
- TG40 finsihed her 2nd Ironman. After someone hitting her 100 meters into the swim and breaking her toe.
- TG Lynnie finished her 3rd Ironman. After getting her goggles broken half way into the first loop and then having a crash on the bike (not her fault either!). She rode the 2nd loop of 56 miles with only 1 aerobar.
- TG KB finished her 500th Ironman (4th in 2 years) - after breaking a spoke on the bike. she was able to sister it to another spoke and continue forward.
- TG Cyndi and TG Shelley get the award for an Ironman hero. There was aguy in front of themon the bike that fell so hard his helmet shattered. They both stopped and waited 20 mintues until the EMS showed up - hope he doing alright, he wasn't doing so hot.
- Bethany, Bart, and Ed - you are Ironmen!
- Shout out to all my other friends who succeeded the Ironman - Tyler, Cook, Adam, Amy, Shawn, Kate, Coach Blakey Blake, Coach "Maro Diablo", Amy, Michael, Rick, and Rick. High Five to all of you.


Sarah said...

This post goes to show how incredibly awesome and badass TRIGirls are -- not only do they finish races with broken body parts and bikes, they juryrig their ]bikes in the middle of Ironmans and stop to help others. I'm so proud to be part of such an amazing group of people. You all are such incredible inspirations!

And congrats to Greg for having such an awesome race!

tryingtotri said...

awesome recap, and great inspiration!

Ceeej said...

Thanks for the recap - always lovely to get the Sherpa's perspective - our trifriends are truly amazing.

tri-ing races not cases said...

It was awesome having you out there on the course to cheer us on!

TriGirl Kate O said...

I guess I don't rate my own entry? (pouty lip...)

I loved seeing you out there, and thank you for my chalk sign!

TriGirl 40 Something said...

And Amy got a flat and carried her bike down to the aid station on her back!

Great post - and much, much thanks for coming out to sherpa and cheer. Seeing you on the race course helped soooo much!!!!

Much congrats to Greg - what an amazing race he had!