Monday, July 20, 2009

Viognier and Peaches

all I can say is...Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Month.
I give my deepest symathies to all those who live without the goodness of "the chik." I may not eat fast food often, and I also am actually nto a fan of chicken.
But the something about the mouth watering goodness when you take a bit of the orginal (or grilled) sandwich and the buttery bun with pickles and it all jsut melts in your mouth.
(great - I just made myself hungry!)
PK, Lynnie, and I had a wonderful date with with chicken sanwiches, waffle fries, diet lemonades, and milkshakes.
Immediately followed by food coma.

TG40 is fast. and don't let her tell you otherwise.
TG40, ESJ, and I headed out for a 3 hour tour (a 3 hour tour).
we made it back to home base in 2.5 hours, 45 miles later. And well, I had a massage appt, so we called it a day. Well ESJ went back out to finish what we started.
Headed out for a nice 10 minute run/walk with TG40.
I really need new sneakers.
So then I got my massage. The first really bad massage. I had a feelign when she introduced herself with a limp noodle handshake. Immediately I thought to myself "these hands are supposed to give me a deep tissure massage?"
I walked out of there with kots still up in my back.
So I visited Tom over at 3sports running. he's pretty much awesome. hooked me up with new kicks. similar to what I have, since I have noproblems with them, but much lighter weight. try them out tomorrow!
then i got a mani/pedi.
sigh - what a day. massage. shoe shopping. mani/pedi.
all that's left to do it nap.
and follow that up with an ironman party. high five!

damn 4am comes early. why did I sign up to volunteer the early shift? oh right - good race karma. it was 50 degrees outside. in july! greg and I shivered as we pointed people where to park.
private barrel tasting and polo match at King Family Vineyard? Oh alright if I must.
Detour by the peach orchard afterwards for peach milkshakes. mmm tasty.
Followed by dinner with my "other mom", Mother Rucker? well if you insist.

for serious? it's 5am already?
I sit on the side of the pool - not even putting my feet int he cold water.
Staring blankly into the water.
Thank you IMUSA people for this wonderful taper day.
After some good drills, and timed sprints - but only one 50 this week!
what's up next? RELAYS
guess who's lane won all the relays? that's right - mine. why? b/c we are pretty much awesome. High Five to BL and Blakey Blake, my FAVulous relay members. (we had AS for one of the relays). I ended up swimming the anchor leg every time. Talk about pressure! And these required flip turning at the shallow end! and then for the raly finale...I was the chosen membe to do the 50 fly leg. i wasn't sure if my right arm was even making it out of the water by the end.
but we won, so who cares! haha.

all in a weekend's work.

Good Luck to my IronGreg and all my friends taking on IMUSA this weekend. I CANnOt wait to watch you all succeed. HIGH FIVE!


SusieQ said...

See you up there! :)

TriGirl 40 Something said...

What a weekend! Loved riding with you - and am so jealous of the wine and polo outing. Looking forward to more bikes. You failed to mention how you kicked my butt on the runs!

keiko said...

You just made me want chikfila!!! and its 10:20am! yum yum

Real Deal said...

LOVE me some "ChickALay", as my kids have named it! ; )